Nepeth Vault

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Nepeth Vault
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Vault Information

Glyph.jpg Nepeth Glyph


LOCATION: Nepeth 12.7S, 36.1W



Start the dungeon and go up and to the left until you arrive at a platform (check map on left side). From there you need to find your way to the platform with the Gurog Druid (level 49). Kill the Druid to get the Chisled Key. Use the unlocked door, and a portal named "Second Island Portal". Take the portal to the second area of the dungeon until you get to the "Upper Island Portal", then take the portal.
In the third part of the dungeon will find a locked force-field door. Use the Chisled Key on it and follow the path to the Vestibule Portal. The vault boss is a Dread Gurog (level 51) and its a Magic monster. Kill it to claim your XP reward. AC2 Vault

REWARDS: 3,000,000 XP / 2,250 QP / Royalty and Slavery Lore Cinematic

"The Gurogs were only the first to follow the undead. Now, the Firstborn's eyes turned elsewhere, to the Tumerok jungles and human forests. With Geraine's aid, the Burun came to worship the Gurog gods. In return, they too would have others to serve them. Even a slave feels royal if he has another to command. The Drudges were all too eager for deities to revere ... if it meant a chance to kill humans. They built idols to the Burun, and threw down Cragstone and the other human cities. The Firstborn looked on ... and laughed. Their forces had vanquished Dereth at last."
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