Winterhollows Vault

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Winterhollows Vault
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Vault Information

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LOCATION: Winterhollows 4.7S, 36.3W



Use the map on the left to guide yourself in the dungeon. There are a lot of Gurog Captains in the begin. Then procede to the Gurog Confessor room. He is guarded by several Gurog Warlocks. The Confessor drops the key you need to proceed. Return back to a stairwell and continue down. Jump off the last shaft bridge and use the key on the locked doors. Pass and fight more Warlocks until the Vestibule.
Inside the Vestibule you will need to jump through one of the 4 corner holes to the larger room below. The vault boss is a Canescent Gorug and you need to kill it to get your reward. AC2 Vault

REWARDS: 3,600,000 XP / 2,400 QP / The Last Battle Lore Cinematic

"The Hopeslayer had never been more powerful than on that last day. He had learned much since his last defeat, and his fury made the earth's bones groan with agony. The world would pay at last for his torment. But Asheron had not been idle either. He had learned to tap dormant energy that no Empyrean had ever touched. His aspect as he confronted Bael'Zharon was that of a god, wrathful and awesome to behold. The Virindi Imperator watched, the forces of Portalspace at his command. He could not defeat both foes at once, but a weakened victor would be an easy target. He bided, waiting to launch his own attack. They were the Great Ones, titans of inestimable might. None knew how the battle would end only that when it did, only one would remain, and Dereth would be his prize. But something went wrong."
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