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Quest Overview

Understand the ways,tricks and strange minds of the Virindi by mastering their training grounds.

Requirements: Level 15+
Type: Solo
Start Location: Ariaki River Basin, Ikeras or Thusik Delta, Linvak Tukal
Quest Starter: Virindi Emissary
Time Limit: 2 hours
XP Reward: 1% (Cap: 47,624,866 @ L60)
Other Rewards: 8 hour Maximum Vigor buff
Repeat Time: 20 hours
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Dominion Center

This is a solo quest that requires around 20 minutes (less with practice). It's basically a platforming challenge.

To begin, talk to either the Virindi Emissary near Ikeras Nexus or Linvak Tukal Nexus.
They will teleport you inside the Dominion Citadel. From there, you can go to the Dominion Center Dungeon.

After entering, turn left at the first intersection. Then, jump down where the map shows so you will land on the platform with the portal on your right.

Using the portal will take you to the Neonate training ground (also nicknamed "Virindi Maze"). In here, you will have to cross a small path in front of you, but there are 5 colored portals that prevent you from entering the Purple Dungeon.

To cross those portals, you'll have to get 4 buffs (yellow, red, blue and green) in any order, and there is a small challenge to get each of them. The buffs are shown as colored Virindi masks in your buff bar.

Note: Always try to USE ("Z" key) the portals instead of running into them. Some portals in here will drop you down, and when running, you might fall forward and miss the portal below where you are supposed to land. If you miss a portal, you will be transported to the first drop in the dungeon.


Red Buff

Go to the left path, then take right road. Jump to the platform below to get your portal and the red buff.

Yellow Section
Dominion Center

Yellow Buff

Take the left path and left road. At the end, jump off the ramp to the path below (use "backjump" for a more controlled landing). You'll notice 4 levels with 5x5 platforms. Some platforms have striping running east-west, others have striping north-south. Only the E-W ones are solid, you can jump on these. You need to jump your way to the portals at the end of each level. After the top portal, you will see a solid rock, go through the orange portal and get to the last solid platform with the yellow buff portal.

Blue Buff

Go to the right path and then take the left road. You'll see several platforms above each other with 1 barrier and 2 portals in each side (one green and one red).
You need to use the portals until you get to the one platform without a barrier. There are many ways to get there.
Combos that work:

  • G G R R R (confirmed)
  • G G G G G G (to be confirmed)
  • R R R R R R (to be confirmed)

When you land at the platform without a barrier, just jump to the path below to get your portal and the blue buff.

Green Buff

Go right, take the left road. You will now see 4 blue portals next to each other. A bit above the leftmost one, there's a 5th portal with a brighter color. That's the portal you need to take to get the green buff. If you fall here, you will be taken to the beginning of dungeon, so there's no risk of death.

At the end of the path, there is another portal. When you USE this portal ("Z" key), you fall down to the rightmost portal of the 4. Each time you fall in a portal, you drop again towards the next one. This is done with increasing speed so you will arrive at last quite fast.

The goal is to avoid the last one and USE the 5th portal instead. Try to select that 5th portal (on the radar is easiest) and when falling down the 4th time, click "USE" so you take that portal and not the one you are falling into. Just a bit of practice, and it's quite easy.

The Purple Dungeon

Purple Section - Low gravity
Dominion Center

When you have all 4 buffs, you can now proceed forward and get the Purple Portal into the Imperial Palace.
In there, you get 2 new portals: One with "do not enter" (so don't use it) and another to the purple dungeon.
Inside, you have another maze to jump... but this time with Low gravity, so your jumps are much longer. Your goal is to cross the maze into the end platform to end the quest.

Important notes:

  • All platforms in here are solid
  • Platforms with red Virindi Monitors on them are off-limits and you will be killed.
  • This is a low-gravity area, so your jumps are longer. Using run speed buffs will accelerate you and make you jump even further, so be careful.
  • Due to previous point, jumping diagonally is safer.
  • Safe platforms may have yellow Virindi Neonates. You may kill them if you want.
  • These Neonates will jump from time to time, and can deviate you from your jumping course.
  • If you jump wrong, you will appear back at the dungeon's beginning.
  • When jumping to an adjacent platform, walk back to the far end of the platform (so furthest from the target platform) and jump.
  • Don't forget to take a few steps back when jumping to the last solid rock... lots have jumped over it, very frustrating :)

When using the portal, you end up at Thromer's room. Talk to him to finish the quest and get your XP.



Lore & Dialog

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