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Asheron's Call 2 has in own User Interface. It has is unique keys and possibilities to customize. Here you will learn how to configure it and what options are available.

Basic UI
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UI Zones

General View



Player Stats

Player Effects

Chat Windows


Tabs and Menus

Options Menu

Maps Menu

Inspect Menu

Character Menu


Skills Menu

Main Skills Tab

Hero Skills Tab

Special Skills Tab

Craft Tab

Evolution Menu

Quests Progress Tab

Quests Completed Tab

Story Tab

Social Menu

Fellowship Tab

Fellowship Interface

Allegiance Tab

Friends Tab

Keys and Movements


In May 2005, these additional keys were added:
F1 – F9 - Select fellowship member #1-#9
Shift-F1 - Display online help
Shift-F2 - Show/Hide chat window #2
Shift-F3 - Show/Hide chat window #3
Shift-F4 - Show/Hide chat window #4
Shift-1 thru Shift-0 - Access the second row of shortcut bar items
Shift-P - Select nearest owned pet

When using the new advanced Examination panel:
Tab - Cycle between panes in Examination panel
Shift-Tab - Cycle the other way between panes in Examination panel



Emotes are done in game using the "/" followed by a word that will trigger an "emotion" or action from the character. e.g /wave
/atoyot - this special AC2 emote (toyota backwards) makes the character show is weapon above head and freeze float a little above ground.
/dance - this emote puts your character to a dancing mode until stopped. The dance changes with race.
/wave - this emote waves, or waves to specific targeted player or target

Notes and Other

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