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Quest Overview

A rogue Gurog asks you to search the Goarata Undercrofts for lost lore.

Type: Group
Requirements: Level 51
Start Location: Nepeth Strata
Quest Starter: Lodrog
Time Limit: 6 hours
XP Reward: 5% (74,595,044 @ L55)
Other Rewards: Vial of Paper Flesh
Repeat Time: 6 days
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To begin the quest, speak to Lodrog the Forsaken at 22.3S 32.0W, south of Ondekodo. He'll also give you the Satchel. Make sure you have the correct quest, because he'll give you the quest to collect Revenant bones if you're still on a timer for this one. This quest is best done as a group if you're near the minimum level, since you must battle a level 56 group Gurog and a dungeon full of solo ones.

  • Your destination is Fortress Goarata and the Goarata Undercrofts on Mount Malthabbor. The easiest way to reach the fortress is taking a portal to Arramora, and then the Portal to Linvak Massif nearby. At the fortress, you'll find the King of the Mountain, who is a level 56 group Gurog, and an empty platform. Killing him makes a portal to the Goarata Undercrofts appear on the platform for several minutes.
  • Enter the portal. This is a dungeon full of solo Gurog. Your goal is to find the "glowing" pieces of rubble. They have a visual effect similar to an enchanted weapon, but it's easy to miss them if you don't know what to look for. See picture below for one example, but they come in many shapes. When you double click your Satchel like a key and then click the rubble, you will receive some lore and advance the quest. Your quest journal will show 5 total pieces of lore you need.
  • Be sure to keep checking your quest journal while finding rubble. If you click the same one twice, it will look like you advanced the quest but the number of lore pieces needed won't diminish. If done in a group, I recommend that everyone double checks the count after each one (by saying "2/5" in chat, "one more to go," etc.) to make sure nobody is left behind, as it's easy to miss the rubble.
  • Once you have all five in the Satchel, return to Lodrog to complete the quest and receive your reward.

Related Items

Iconsatchel.jpg Satchel
Iconvialofpaperflesh.jpg Vial of Paper Flesh




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