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This is a table of creature trophies for use in Spellbinding and some quests.

Icon Name Dropped From First Essence Second Essence Notes
Iconbanderlingbeard.jpg Banderling Beard Banderling Caution Fortitude
Iconbanderlingheart.jpg Banderling Heart Banderling Courage Guile
Iconbanderlingtooth.jpg Banderling Tooth Banderling Cunning Wrath
BloodstoneCoreIcon.jpg Bloodstone Core Bloodstone Anger Inspiration Can be consumed to heal vitae
BloodstoneIchorIcon.jpg Bloodstone Ooze Bloodstone Tenacity Valor Can be consumed as health over time potion
BloodstoneIchorIcon.jpg Bloodstone Ichor Bloodstone Courage Wisdom Can be consumed as health over time potion
Bloodstone Nodule.jpg Bloodstone Nodule Bloodstone Empathy Fortitude
Iconcarenzifur.jpg Carenzi Fur Carenzi Cunning Guile
Carenzi Heart.jpg Carenzi Heart Carenzi Empathy Wisdom Spellbinding by Clackety
CarenziTailIcon.jpg Carenzi Tail Carenzi Caution Valor Armorcrafting by Dax
Iconcarenzitooth.jpg Carenzi Teeth Carenzi Cunning Guile
Iconcolossusrubble.jpg Colossus Rubble Golem Courage Inspiration
CronesBottleIcon.jpg Crone's Bottle Crone Reason Wrath
CroneHornsIcon.jpg Crone Horns Crone Empathy Inspiration
Icondarkenfowlegg.jpg Darkenfowl Egg Darkenfowl Anger Inspiration
DrudgeIdolIcon.jpg Drudge Idol Drudge Courage Fortitude
Icongearknighthelm.jpg Gear Knight Helm Gearknight Courage Guile
Icongearknightpauldron.jpg Gear Knight Pauldron Gearknight Empathy Fortitude
Icongrievvermaw.jpg Grievver Maw Grievver Anger Vigilance
Iconreaperhorns.jpg Grim Reaper Horns Reaper Wrath Anger Reaper Madness
Icongromnietooth.jpg Gromnie Tooth Gromnie Tenacity Fortitude
GruttLegIcon.jpg Grutt Leg Grutt Empathy Vigilance
GruttTuskIcon.jpg Grutt Tusk Grutt Anger Fortitude
Iconkallikantooth.jpg Kallikan Tooth Kallikan Cunning Valor
LevannathHornIcon.jpg Levannath Horn Levannath Empathy Fortitude
MimbuCarapaceIcon.jpg Mimbu Carapace Mimbu Cunning Wisdom
Iconmimbuscarab.jpg Mimbu Scarab Mimbu Tenacity Wisdom
Iconmirewaspstinger.jpg Mire Wasp Stinger Phyntos Wasp Tenacity Wrath Mystic Rituals (1)
MoarsmanClawsIcon.jpg Moarsman Claws Moarsman Caution Inspiration
MoarsmanFinsIcon.jpg Moarsman Fins Moarsman Reason Vigilance
Iconmumiyahwrappings.jpg Mu-miyah Wrappings Grutt Courage Valor
NefanePearlIcon.jpg Nefane Pearl Nefane Caution Vigilance
NefaneShellIcon.jpg Nefane Shell Nefane Courage Wisdom
OlthoiGrubMeatIcon.jpg Olthoi Grub Meat Olthoi Reason Wrath Ranger's Best Friend - Lasher Treats
Iconolthoipincer.jpg Olthoi Pincer Olthoi Tenacity Vigilance
PhyntosWaspCarapaceIcon.jpg Phyntos Wasp Carapace Phyntos Wasp Cunning Valor
Phyntoswaspstinger.jpg Phyntos Wasp Stinger Phyntos Wasp Tenacity Vigilance
PhyntosWaspWingsIcon.jpg Phyntos Wasp Wings Phyntos Wasp Empathy Guile
ReaperHornsIcon.jpg Reaper Horns Reaper Cunning Wisdom
ReedsharkPlateIcon.jpg Reedshark Plate Reedshark Anger Vigilance
ReedsharkSpikeIcon.jpg Reedshark Spike Reedshark Reason Valor
Iconrevenantlegionarythighbone.jpg Revenant Conscript Femur Revenant Vigilance Courage
Iconrevenantlegionaryjaw.jpg Revenant Legionary Jaw Revenant Fortitude Tenacity
SclavusTailIcon.jpg Sclavus Tail Sclavus Cunning Fortitude
Iconsclavusvenom.jpg Sclavus Venom Sclavus Caution Guile
Iconscravenfeather.jpg Scraven Feather Scraven Caution Guile
Iconshrethhorns.jpg Shreth Horns Shreth Anger Valor
Iconskeletonhelm.jpg Skeleton Helm Skeleton Empathy Fortitude
Iconslithiseye.jpg Slithis Eye Spawn Tenacity Guile
SlithisScaleIcon.jpg Slithis Scale Spawn Empathy Wrath
Icontakerusprout.jpg Takeru Sprout Takeru Reason Wisdom
ThornlingEyeIcon.jpg Thornling Eye Thornling Cunning Inspiration
ThornlingSapIcon.jpg Thornling Sap Thornling Reason Vigilance
Icontuftofshrethhair.jpg Tuft of Shreth Hair Shreth Tenacity Wrath
Icontyrantsclaw.jpg Tyrant's Claw Tyrant Anger Vigilance
Icontyrantseye.jpg Tyrant's Eye Tyrant Caution Wrath
Icontyrantsscale.jpg Tyrant's Scale Tyrant Tenacity Valor
TyrantTongueIcon.jpg Tyrant's Tongue Tyrant Reason Guile
Icontyrantstooth.jpg Tyrant's Tooth Tyrant Empathy Inspiration
Iconundeadataurhoof.jpg Undead Ataur Hoof Skeleton (Mounted) Anger Inspiration
Iconurkhadwing.jpg Urkhad Wing Urkhad Caution Guile
Iconwarathfur.jpg Warath Fur Warath Tenacity Wrath
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