Tou Tou Vault

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Tou Tou Vault
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Vault Information

Glyph.jpg Tou Tou Glyph


LOCATION: Tou Tou Peninsula 63.9E, 15.3N



This starts with some jumping platforms and due to the mistakes its usually advised to have more then 1 glyph for each player. Usually its better to jump down backwards to each successive level.
When you land the circular platform with the Kiree and one Burun Keerik kill them, then jump off to the SE. Kill the Kiree Buruns and one Keerik Burun waiting for you down and search the bodies for the key and kill more Kiree until you get it. After you get the key, continue to the path where you have a force-field door and open it with your key. Go through it to the Vestibule and kill the Vault Boss, which is a Kreekun Burun (level 33) for your reward. AC2 Vault

REWARDS: 160,000 XP / 1,500 QP / Geraine's Voa Lore Cinematic

"The Yalain celebrated their victory over the Dericost undead. The vicotory pyres burned for days. The dark lords' reign had ended, and a new peace was forged. But not all the undead were destroyed. Prince Geraine saw the end coming, and escaped with his closest followers. They fled, seeking shelter in a distant land: a half-forgotten place called Dereth. With Aerfalle and Rytheran, his old advisors, Geraine laid plans of vengeance. They would take back what was theirs. But first, they needed to gather their strength ... "
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