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Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 50+, completed Sentience Lost
Type: Solo
Start Location: Southern Arramora
Quest Starter: Disciple of Orulaan (13.9N, 48.5W)
Time Limit: 24 hours
XP Reward: 10% (Cap: 476,248,680 @ L60)
Other Rewards:
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: Sentience Lost, Dreams of Orulaan


1. From Southern Arramora, travel northeast to a ramp at 14.1N, 48.1W and follow this ramp up to the Disciple of Orulaan at 13.9N, 48.5W.
2. Speak with the Disciple of Orulaan to receive a quest to collect 5 Ivory Gromnie Teeth and 5 Amethyst Gromnie Teeth. 3. Travel to Gurokora on Linvak and use the Malthabbor Ringway to Northwest Shelf portal. Travel west to the Mysterious Portal at 29.7S, 50.2W.
4. Here you will find the unmapped S.H.R.E.T.H. Secret Island which has clusters of Gromnies. The teeth required for this quest drop from Ivory Gromnie and Amethyst Gromnies and not from the Nestlings.
5. Collected 5 of each and return to the Disciple of Orulaan to complete your quest. Speak again to receive the next quest in the series, Dreams of Orulaan.

Note: You can also find Ivory and Amethyst Gromnies around Eastern and Western Arramora respectively however there are fewer of them. This may yet be preferable for players around the minimum level who struggle with the clusters found on S.H.R.E.T.H. Secret Island.

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