Top Secret Drudge Reconnaissance

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Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 16+
Type: Solo
Start Location: Shoushi, Prosper Marches
Quest Starter: Top Secret Agent Rivet (8.5N, 22.6E)
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 6,500
Other Rewards:
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests:


Travel to Shoushi and speak with Top Secret Agent Rivet at 8.5N, 22.6E to receive the quest - he is stationed on a hill which can be accessed from 8.9N, 21.3E.

Your task then is to locate four Secret Agents stationed around the Drudge Citadel and Prosper Marches region. When you have located a Secret Agent, speak with them to receive an update item on the happenings in the area they are lookout for.

Secret Agent Coords Location Item
Secret Agent Stapeltin 19.2N, 14.8E East of Northwest Drudge Citadel Report Icon.png Stapeltin's Missive
Secret Agent Dowel 4.8N, 6.2E East of Western Prosper Outpost Report Icon.png Dowel's Update
Secret Agent Tackety 1.7S, 18.3E Southwest of Eastern Prosper Outpost Report Icon.png Tackety's Report
Secret Agent Bradlor 3.6N, 23.3E Northeast of Eastern Prosper Outpost Report Icon.png Bradlor's Note

Once you have all four update items, return them to Top Secret Agent Rivet to complete the quest.

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