Tombs of Artefon

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Quest Overview

Visit six ancient tombs in the bed of Lake Artefon
Start Location: Cobalt Sweeps, Lake Artefon
Requirements: Level 20+
Quest Starter: Tima Drokh, 14.3N 3.3E
Time Limit: 48 hours
Repeat Time: 7 days
XP Reward: 0
Other Rewards: Recipe for Armor of the Ancient Knights
Related Quests: Armor of the Ancient Knights


To begin the quest, speak to Tima Drokh just outside Molwirth at 14.3N 3.3E. It's possible to solo this using health over time potions, lifestone protection or run and suicide tactics because there's a group of 6-8 undead at each tomb. Otherwise, at least a small group is required.

Your goal is simply to touch all six tombs on the west side of Lake Artefon. Your quest will advance for each one, and you can use your journal as a reference for which tombs still need to be touched. They can be touched in any order. Their locations are:

  • Tomb of a Knight of the Dragon: 16.4N 4.8E
  • Tomb of a Knight of the Flame: 17.7N 6.4E
  • Tomb of a Knight of the Shield: 19.4N 4.9E
  • Tomb of a Prophet of Blades: 19.6N 6.4E
  • Tomb of a Knight of the Unicorn: 20.4N 5.3E
  • Tomb of a Zharalim: 20.5N 6.9E

While visiting tombs, look for unique undead like the Knight of the Dragon. They are rare spawns, but each drops a Ruby which is used to create the armor.

Once you've touched all six tombs, return to Tima Drokh to complete the quest and earn your reward, quest recipes to create Armor of the Ancient Knights.



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