Three Doctrines

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Quest Overview

Learn the doctrines of the three kingdoms by visiting their shrines, and receive a permanent bonus to maximum vigor.

Requirements: Level 11+
Type: Solo
Start Location: Southwest Drudge Citadel
Quest Starter: Spirit of Artefun, 12.3N 12.2E
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 2,500
Other Rewards: Permanent +50 to Maximum Vigor
Repeat Time: One time only
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Speak to the Spirit of Artefun at 12.3N 12.2E to begin the quest. It's marked on your map with a + symbol. It's located in Prosper, but the southwest Drudge Citadel outpost is the fastest way to get there. If you're near the minimum level, beware the cluster of drudges at the outpost. They can be completely avoided if you walk carefully through the outpost.

The spirit will ask you to collect the three doctrines from nearby kingdom shrines. They're all marked on your map. Clicking the Kingdom Stone at each one will give you that kingdom's doctrine. First, take the road south to the Order shrine, east to the Shadow shrine, and finally southeast to the Dominion shrine. You will need to run by some monsters in their low 20's, but the spawns are far enough apart that you don't need to fight anything. The exact shrine locations are:

Order - 7.8N 12.5E
Shadow - 9.3N 15.8E
Dominion - 7.8N 18.8E

At each location, be sure to click the Kingdom Stone and *not* the actual kingdom shrine. The stone will give you the document you need, but the shrines can actually change your character's kingdom, so be careful which you click.

Finally, return to the spirit with the three documents in hand. Hand them one at a time to advance the quest. Once you've handed all three, speak to the spirit again for your reward.

Related Items

Principlesoftheorderofdereth.jpg Principles of the Order of Dereth
Shadowkingdomdoctrine.jpg Shadow Kingdom Doctrine
Dominiondirective.jpg Dominion Directive

Lore & Dialog

Spirit of Artefun tells you, "I have heard of new powers awakened in this world, derived from the old ones long lost. Find the three Kingdom Stones and obtain from them the doctrines of these powers. I assure you of my gratitude when you do."

Spirit of Artefun tells you, "Well done! With these, much shall be revealed of those who would inherit this world. You have pleased me ... now claim your reward!"

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