There's Something About Lahry

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Help Lahry investigate the Lair of the Beast.

Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 30+
Type: Group
Start Location: East of Cragstone
Quest Starter: Lahry (29.6N, 7.8W)
Time Limit: 6 hours
XP Reward: 800,000
Other Rewards: Mighty Rabbit Helm
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: Slay the White Rabbit


Speak with Lahry at 29.6N, 7.8W, east of Cragstone, to receive the quest and speak four more times to advance the quest. Your task is to descend into The Lair of the Beast portal and kill level 35+ solo rabbits until a Rabbit Head drops into your inventory - this will occur automatically and does not need to be looted. It can take 1 kill to happen or many.

Due to the number of rabbits inside the lair and their propensity to flood out towards you it is advised to attempt this quest with a small group and still then with caution. It is possible to solo, particularly if you carefully lure one or two of the rabbits from the first room on the right-hand side away into the starter area without aggroing rabbits from the main room straight ahead.

Once you have the Rabbit Head, exit the dungeon and give it to Lahry to complete the quest. The received Mighty Rabbit Helm allows you to pass through the lair undetected by almost all of the ordinary rabbits and is required for Slay the White Rabbit.

Lore & Dialog

Lahry tells you, "RABBITS!"
Lahry tells you, "I'm cursed, I'm cursed..."
Lahry tells you, "See, it all started with my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather."
Lahry tells you, "He had a farm, but it was overrun by strange rabbits who ate his crops. He couldn't do anything but ask adventurers to clear out the foul loathsome beasts."
Lahry tells you, "I left the Shelters hoping to build a farm, to do what my ancestor couldn't do..."
Lahry tells you, "But this time it's worse, oh it's terrible. THE HORROR!"
Lahry tells you, "I built my farm and I was digging the caverns where I would grow my vegetables and..."
Lahry tells you, "...and I dug too deep... and... and..."
Lahry tells you, "I AWOKE THE WHITE RABBIT!"
Lahry tells you, "The beast killed me in a flash, and when I awoke at my Lifestone, I saw rabbits streaming into my nuderground farm."
Lahry tells you, "They knew... THEY KNEW!"
Lahry tells you, "I crept back in... and what I saw.... what I saw..."
Lahry tells you, "I tell you, he's building an army down there... I know it... I KNOW IT!"
Lahry tells you, "You've got to go down there and see what's going on. We've got to stop him before he rules the world!"
Lahry tells you, "He's breeding creatures down there... unnatural, twisted by some magic he's learned. Kill some of them. If you find any of their remains, bring them back to me and I'll see what I can make with them!"

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