The Warder Scout's Notebook

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Quest Overview

The poor Warder Scout has lost his notebook! Get it back from the mean nasty drudge who took it.

Requirements: Level 10+
Type: Solo
Start Location: Rithwic, Mad Crone Mountains
Quest Starter: Warder Scout, 25.0N 3.8E
Time Limit: 24 hours
XP Reward: 800
Other Rewards: Emblem of Order, Mad Crone Glyph, Prosper Glyph
Repeat Time: 20 hours
Related Quests: Seek the Warder Captain


This quest is part of the Drudge Insurgence Saga, but the other quests in the chain aren't required to start it.

  1. Speak to the Warder Scout at 25.0N 3.8E to begin the quest. He will tell you about his notebook, and give you the coordinates to find the drudges who stole it.
  2. This Drudge Camp is marked on your map and located at the coordinates he gives you. It contains the Drudge Slinker Bandit along with several other drudges. If you're doing this solo, it's best to lure out one or two drudges at a time. Kill the Drudge Slinker Bandit and loot the Warder Scout's Notebook from his corpse to advance the quest.
  3. Finally, return to the Warder Scout, and hand him the notebook to earn your reward.

Related Items

Warderscoutsnotebook.jpg Warder Scout's Notebook

Lore & Dialog

Warder Scout tells you, "Please, you must help me. I work for the Warders, a group dedicated to combating the Drudge menace in Osteth. I was ambushed by a group of Drudges not far from here, and they've stolen the notebook I kept as I tracked their activities around the region. Can you get my notebook back from them? They ambushed me at 28.1N x 3.9E."
Warder Scout tells you, "I see you got my notebook back. Wonderful! Can I have it, please?"
You received the item from the Warder Scout.
You received the item from the Warder Scout.
You received the item from the Warder Scout.
Warder Scout tells you, "Thank you so much! Here, take this."
Warder Scout tells you, "My Captain in the Warder's Hideout at 20.6N x 14E can tell you how to use that."
Warder Scout tells you, "Take these, too..."
Warder Scout tells you, "Explore the Mad Crone and Prosper Vaults, see what you can learn. My superiors tend to follow Asheron, but I think the other Kingdoms have something to offer as well... If any of your fellows helped me, have them speak with me also."

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