The Slavetaker's Head

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Quest Overview

Help the Counselors of the New Drudge Republic get their revenge on the Burun Slavetaker.

Requirements: Level 1+
Type: Group
Start Location: Eastern Prosper Outpost
Quest Starter: Counselor of the New Drudge Republic, 0.5N, 18.9E
Time Limit: 20 hours
XP Reward: 13,000
Other Rewards: Toadfang Earring
Repeat Time: 3 days
Related Quests: Part of the Drudge Insurgence Saga


Between levels 13 and 19, you should do this in group (small fellow). A fast mount is advised, so if possible, ask a higher level to make one for each person in your group.

  1. Talk to a Counselor of the New Drudge Republic to get the quest. He will send you to kill the Burun Slavetaker and bring his head to him.
  2. Now, follow the path below to get to the King Toad Idol (2.5N, 17.9E). The path is hard and full with Pain Reaper, Torment Reaper, Pain Crone, Bedlam Crone, Sorrow Crone, Eater of Bones, Mire Phythos Wasp and in the last part of path after the Lifestone, a lot of Drudges (regular and inferno): Glooms, Murks, Scowls, Cabalists.
  3. Kill one of the Burun Slavetakers near the idol to advance the quest. Everyone in the group will need a kill (do the most damage) to advance the quest.
  4. Loot the Burun Slavetaker's Head. Again, each person needs out. Heads from other players' kills won't advance the quest.
  5. Then, recall back to the Counselors of the New Drudge Republic for your XP and Toadfang Earring Reward.

Related Items

Iconslavetaker.jpg Burun Slavetaker's Head
Toadfangearring.jpg Toadfang Earring



Lore & Dialog

The Burun slime... They fooled our people into worshiping them as gods. But they aren't and we'll prove it! They can be killed just like anyone else! What, us? No, we are too weak. But you... You are strong! Now go kill a Slavetaker and bring us its head!

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