The Sieve of Asshmak

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Quest Overview

Return a vital cooking tool to an exiled Burun chieftain.
Start Location: Naderu Greenwood
Requirements: Level 28
Quest Starter: Subchieftain Gruu, 34.7N 47.8E
Time Limit: 7 days
Repeat Time: 6 days, 12 hours
XP Reward: 38,000
Other Rewards: Asshmak Spittle
Related Quests: Shenua the Cunning


To begin this quest, talk to Subchieftain Gruu at 34.7N 47.8E in Northwest Naderu Greenwood past the Shrine of the Leaf. This is a soloable quest and no combat is required.

Talk to Gruu several times to hear his story. He wants The Sieve of Asshmak, which is lying on the ground at 20.3N 62.5E in the Burun village of Blackmire. The Northwest Tou-Tou outpost is fairly close. Simply run there and grab the sieve. No combat is required, but you will probably encounter some Fetich Spawns and groups of Burun. If the spawns are thick, a health over time potion and a mount should make it much easier.

Once you have the sieve in hand, return to Subchieftain Gruu and hand it to him to complete the quest. The Asshmak Spittle he gives you is needed for the Shenua the Cunning quest.

Related Items

Iconthesieveofasshmak.jpg The Sieve of Asshmak
Iconasshmakspittle.jpg Asshmak Spittle

Lore & Dialog

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