The Sclavus Hierophant's Cabals

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Quest Overview

Engage the Sclavus Temples of Omishan to seek the way to enter Faisi Sclavus Hierophant home and recover the talsiman he stole from Seksri.

Requirements: Level 22+
Type: Group
Start Location: Ariaki River Basin, Ikeras
Quest Starter: Seskri the Sclavus Scholar, 10.3N 62.2E
Time Limit: 48 hours
XP Reward: 115,000
Other Rewards: Sclavus Cabals Talisman
Repeat Time: 3 days
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Speak to Seskri the Sclavus Scholar at Ikeras to begin the quest. She will then give you a quest to get her the Hierophant Talisman.

There are four camps you must go and loot a talisman from the corpse of a Sclavus Preceptor.

With the four talismans, go to Sclavus Hierophant Temple (8.8N, 67.9E) - check map below. Use the talisman to open the door with same name, and work your way to the end and slay the Faisi Sclavus Hierophant. Loot its talisman and return it to Seksri in Ikeras to receive your reward.



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Sclavus Cabals Talisman

Lore & Dialog

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