The Path into Darkness

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Path to the Dark Agent

Quest Overview

The Dark Agent wants you to steal 3 artifacts and travel down the path into darkness.
Start Location: Naderu Greenwood
Requirements: Level 46+, needs Chaos Corruption from eating a Slithis Seed from the Slithis Hunt quest.
Quest Starter: Dark Agent, 36.0N 70.6E
Time Limit: 10 hours
Repeat Time: None
XP Reward: 7% XP
Other Rewards:
Related Quests: The Path into Light, Retracing the Path


IMPORTANT NOTE: Before starting the quest, you need to eat a Slithis Seed. They drop from Chaos Spawn and are the same ones used for the Slithis Hunt quest. If you have the Chaos Corruption from a seed, you can talk to the Dark Agent to start the quest. He will ask you to bring him 3 artifacts from each kingdom. You will have to steal those for him from the kingdom's security.

This quest has 3 parts, one for each kingdom artifact. You will have to return to the dark agent a few times, so it's very useful if you use the Lifestone near him (the same one for HoD) or have one person in your group tie to and summon it when needed.

Part I - Order: Scroll of the Deeping Well

  • The Dark Agent will give you a key that you can use to teleport to the Order Kingdom's Scriptorium.
  • Inside, you will need to fight the Scriptorium Guards and Scribes that will attack you. Keep moving forward and cross the scribes' room. Across the room, there is a tunnel, and after that, you will arrive to a big room with a stairway. Go up the stairs. At the top, the guards will defend the Iconscrollofthedeepingwell.jpg - Scroll of the Deeping Well. Each person in the fellow needs one scroll to advance the quest. It takes about two minutes to respawn.

  • Return to the Dark Agent and hand over the scroll to advance the quest.

Part II - Dominion: Lens of Perception

  • Enter the Virindi Citadel by talking to a Virindi Adumbrator at any continent nexus (like in Ikeras). Inside, just speak to the first Virindi Monitor Welcomer and gain access to the Virindi Museum.
  • This room is similar to the Virindi Training dungeons. You will have to fight the Virindi Caretaker guardians (level 50 solo monsters). The Iconlensofperception.jpg Lens of Perception is found at the top. Again, everyone in fellow needs to have one, and it will respawn fairly quickly.

  • Return to the Dark Agent and hand over the lens to advance the quest.

Part III - Shadow: Codex of Shadows

  • You must now enter the Shadow Vault, so go speak to Naokim in the Shadow Antechamber in Ikeras. Talk to him several times until he will port you to the vault. In the vault, you will fight several Shadow Protectors.
  • In the shadow tunnels, take your first right, and then left until you see a big room with three doors. Jump down near the doors.
  • You need to go to the end of the middle door, but you need to "solve" the opening combination of the levers.
  • The path you need to go will start by the leftmost door, but you need to use the first 3 levers to open it (check map below).

(Note: you can use both levers outside and inside the doors to open the left door. Not confirmed yet, but it seems that using all outside levers and the middle one inside will open the left door.)

  • When the left door is open, you will be able to get inside and enter a small room with a chest, a lever and a shadow guard. Kill the guard and them use the lever inside that room.
  • A lot of doors will now open. Now, you need to run until you arrive at another room with lever. Just keep doing this until you get to the middle row, top door.

Iconcodexofshadows.jpg The Codex of Shadows is located there and near the level 55 shadow "boss" (still a solo monster). If you can, open the many Vault Chests you will find here. These chests often contain good loot (huge gems), and you can never return here once completing the quest. You can only open around 12 vault chests per character.

  • Again, every person in the group needs the codex, so you may need to camp here for a few minutes.
  • Finally, return to the Dark Agent and hand over the codex to complete the Path of Darkness quest and gain your XP.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you end the quest, speak again to the Dark Agent and get the bonus XP from the Descend into Darkness quest. It starts and ends immediately and gives you the XP reward.



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