The Mysterious Egg

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Quest Overview

Find a way to hatch a mysterious egg found high in the mountains.
Start Location: Arramora
Requirements: Level 51+
Quest Starter: Hand Unusual Tyrant Egg to Akhri the Egg Collector in Mayoi
Time Limit: 24 hours
Repeat Time: 7 days
XP Reward: 7,500,000
Other Rewards: Crystalline Tyrant Egg (Hero Mount)
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This quest can be soloed. The only real battle is a level 52 solo elemental.

At any time, even before level 51, you can pick up the Unusual Tyrant Egg. It's a fixed spawn located high in the Arramora plateau at 23.9N 46.3W. To reach it, you must climb up to the plateau. Take the Eastern Arramora Gateway portal, ride west along the ravine until you see a niffis camp. Behind that camp is a ramp up to the plateau. To get to the egg itself, look for a mountain path at 23.9N 47.0W. The egg doesn't show up on radar, but you can see it in the nest here. If you're doing this with a group, wait a minute or two and the egg will respawn.

Next, take the egg to Akhri the Egg Collector in Mayoi. Giving the egg to Akhri actually starts the Mysterious Egg quest.

Your next destination is the Water Temple located in the Kydi Delta at 0.9N 44.5E. This dungeon is full of low level Mimbu which will pose no threat at your level. Work your way to the bottom where the Chaos Hoard is located, and kill the Mimbu here so they don't distract you during the next part.

You will see three large obelisks in the back of the room (see picture below). They must be clicked in the correct order, and you'll get a "faint clicking noise" message when you're right. If you make a mistake, just start the pattern from the beginning. The correct pattern, using L for left, C center and R right, is: CLCL RLRC LLRC


Completing the pattern portals you to a deeper chamber with a fountain and the Guardian of the Sacred Waters, a level 52 solo water elemental. Hand your egg to the fountain to turn it into a Cleansed Tyrant Egg. Return to Akhri in Mayoi and give the egg to advance your quest.

You must now go to the Farali Wasteland and take the ringway to the Slaughter Plains. There's a small, ring-shaped island here to the southwest of the drop, located at 17.5N 83.9E. A Forlorn Nesting Tyrant waits here, but it's not aggressive like other tyrants. Hand her the cleansed egg.

Now, you need to wait 5 in-game hours. You don't need to stand here at the island, but offline time doesn't count. Just be aware of the quest timer so the 24 hours doesn't expire. After 5 or more hours, return here and click the Forlorn Nesting Tyrant to complete the quest and earn your reward of experience and a Crystalline Tyrant Egg.

To summon your hero mount, click the egg. It has no cooldown timer, but it costs 5 focus. If you have no focus, you can still use the mount for free. The mount you receive will have a certain color. There are many different color mounts, and they can be traded with other players.


Forlon Nesting Tyrant

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Lore & Dialog

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