The Illuminated Manuscript

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Quest Overview

Retrieve a manuscript from The Illuminated Drudge Cave

Requirements: Level 10+, must have completed Drudge Potion Raid
Type: Group
Start Location: Prosper Marches (near Shoushi)
Quest Starter: Dantry the First Warder, 7.4N 15.4E
Time Limit: 24 hours
XP Reward: 4,000
Other Rewards: Asheron's Sigil
Repeat Time: 20 hours
Related Quests: Drudge Potion Raid, Osteth Soulbound Weapons


Notes: Hard to solo before lv 20.

  1. Dantry the First Warder starts the quest and can be found south of Shoushi at 7.4N, 15.4E (just south of the Shadow Shrine from Three Doctrines).
  2. He will ask you to deliver him the Illuminated Manuscript, which can be found at the Illuminated Drudge Cave (4.1N,16.7E).
  3. Enter the Dungeon and cross the Drudge Cabalists, Murks, Levys and the Illuminated Drudge. Pick up the Manuscript behind the Illuminated Drudge (check map below).
  4. Bring the manuscript back to Dantry the First Warder for your reward.

Related Items

Iconasheronssigil.jpg Asheron's Sigil
Questionmark.jpg Illuminated Manuscript


MAP - Illuminated Drudge Cave.png

Lore & Dialog

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