The Great Tree

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Omishan - Path to The Great Tree Quest
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Quest Overview

Bring the essence of the Deru Tree to three shrines in Naderu Greenwood.
Start Location: Naderu Greenwood, Rakani
Requirements: Level 25+
Quest Starter: Great Deru Shrine atop the Great Deru Tree
Time Limit: 2 hours
Repeat Time: 44 hours
XP Reward: 60,000
Other Rewards: Deruwood Talisman
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To begin this quest, climb the Great Tree in Rakani and speak to the Great Deru Shrine. This is a solo quest, but you'll have to run by some areas with high 20's group monsters, so a mount is recommended for speed and safety. Having a Portable Nexus to the Deru Tree will also save a bit of time. Your goal is to click the three Deru shrines in Naderu in any order. All three are marked on the in-game map.

  • The Shrine of the Leaf is at 33.9N 51.3E, and is closest to the Northwest Naderu Outpost. Click to advance the quest.

  • The Shrine of the Root is at 37.6N 60.6E, and is closest to the Northeast Naderu Outpost (Ringway drop 'Isles of Contention'). Click to advance the quest again.

  • The Shrine of the Limb is at 34.0N 69.0E, and is also closest to the Northeast Naderu outpost. Click to advance the quest again.

Finally, climb the Deru Tree and speak once again to the Great Deru Shrine to complete the quest and earn your reward.


Iconderuwoodtalisman.jpg Deruwood Talisman

Lore & Dialog

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