The Exultant Sting

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Quest Overview

Retrieve a unique wasp nest from an island full of sentient insect swarms.
Start Location: Naderu Greenwood, Rakani
Requirements: Level 26+, must have completed The First Hivekeeper's Journal
Quest Starter: Rekemeua, 29.0N 54.9E
Time Limit: No time limit
Repeat Time: 6 days
XP Reward: 60,000
Other Rewards: The Exultant Sting
Related Quests: The First Hivekeeper's Journal


This quest can be soloed if you are careful, and can kill a level 29 solo monster.

  1. Speak to Rekemeua to begin this quest.
  2. Your destination is the island near 33.3N 63.4E, in the Isles of Contention area of Naderu Greenwood, just southwest of Northeast Naderu Outpost. The island is full of Sentient Swarms and one Sentient Master Swarm (both solo mobs at levels 28 and 29 respectively).
  3. The master is the only one which drops The Exultant Sting nest. Kill it and loot the nest.
  4. Return it to Rekemeua to complete the quest. You'll get the nest back, so don't worry about giving it up.

WARNING: The nest can only be picked up while you're on the quest. Be sure not to drop it, or you won't be able to pick it up again. It can also be transferred to other characters if it's bought and sold in the consignment shops.

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Icontheexultantsting.jpg The Exultant Sting

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