The Ancient Periapt

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Quest Overview

Upgrade your Golden Age Weapon to a more powerful Weapon of the Ancients

Requirements: Level 35+, completed Relics of the Golden Age
Type: Solo
Start Location: Thusik Delta
Quest Starter: Altar of the Ancients east of Linvak Tukal at 25.7W, 6.4S
Time Limit: 20 hours
XP Reward: 1,000,000
Other Rewards: Golden Age Weapon upgrade to Weapon of the Ancients
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: Relics of the Golden Age, Lodrog the Forsaken


Linvak Massif - Thusik Delta

This quest begins once you use the Altar of the Ancients. No combat is required for this quest. There are some level 42 group Altar Guardians, but they can be avoided. Then you are asked to find 3 gems that have the spirits of the Great Ones (3 spaces needed in bags). These Gems are found inside of 3 Altars in Thusik Delta. The Altars path and locations are in the map at right:

You also get a Quest Recipe to craft an "Ancient Periapt" using all three gems.

You will have the first altar just North of the quest starter. Then come South to Ringway and enter it and go East to the next Altar. Back to the ringway and on next exit go NE to get the last one.

Now head back to starter, craft the Iconperiaptoftheancients.jpg Periapt of the Ancients with the 3 Gems and deliver it to the Altar of the Ancients.

The Quest will advance and it will ask you for one Golden Age Weapon from the previous quest and you deliver it to upgrade it to a Weapon of the Ancients and ending the quest.

Related Items

Iconamethystoforder.jpg Amethyst of Order
Iconrubyofturmoil.jpg Ruby of Turmoil
Icontopazofjustice.jpg Topaz of Justice
Iconperiaptoftheancients.jpg Periapt of the Ancients
Icongoldenagekingssword.jpg Sword of the Ancients

Lore & Dialog

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