Tarot Quest: Significator

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Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 46+, Hero of Dereth
Type: Solo
Start Location: Cavendo
Quest Starter: The Fortune Teller (16.1N, 28.1E)
Time Limit: 10 hours
XP Reward: 1% (205,114,358 @ L71; unknown cap, possibly level 75)
Other Rewards: Significator, Book of Destiny, Tarot Card Meld Recipes
Repeat Time: No time limit
Related Quests: Tarot Cards


Speak with The Fortune Teller at 16.1N, 28.1E in Cavendo to receive the quest. Simply hand her any greater trump of the Dereth Tarot to complete the quest. There is no known effect between using different cards, other than the superficial effect of your Significator name.

For your reward you will learn new recipes to create Tarot Card Melds, which serve two purposes. The first is to create a meld by crafting multiple greater trumps together which, when applied to a lesser trump card, gives you a 30 minute buff item. The second is to complete a series of one-time tarot meld quests. A quest of this type is completed by using the Significator on the created meld, destroying the meld in the process.

You will also receive the Book of Destiny that introduces you to the Tarot Cards and gives some clues as to their usage.

Should you lose your Significator, simply hand in another greater trump of the Dereth Tarot to The Fortune Teller in order to replace it.

Lore & Dialog

The Fortune Teller tells you, "Greetings, Seeker. The cards see all... the cards know all... but what card is the master of your destiny? Choose your Significator from amongst the greater trumps, and bring it to me, and I will attune it for your use. You should also retrain any lesser trumps you may find, as they too have their uses.

The Fortune Teller tells you, "So, you have chosen a master card. There... I have attuned it for your use. Experiment with its power, and seek your fate in the revealed patterns of destiny. You will find that certain card combinations which work well for you may not be so effective for others. Only through trial and error can the Seeker follow the Way of Fortune. Here, take these notes I have prepared, they will guide your initial attempts to make use of the power of the cards. Know, however, that I am but a humble apprentice, and the cards hold more secrets than even I have discovered."

The Fortune Teller tells you, "The Crafter is the creator's card. It signifies the useful and productive combination of strength, knowledge, and skill. For the Crafter, creation is its own reward."

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