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--Guimas (talk) 03:29, 18 March 2013 (PDT) Its really good the Vaults link! It's really what we need. I would also link "Main Page" before Vaults and then also: Quests, Creatures, Items and Locations (at least). Awesome work. :)

(by Admin, 3/15)

I have a solution for the left hand navigation, working on implementing it.

SUGGESTION --Guimas (talk) 11:45, 15 March 2013 (PDT) We need to think a new navigation for the site. I got a lot of feedback from players saying the navigation is complex and they take too much time to get to the content. They also say the content is awesome and love the site - when then get to it. My 2 cents: we should have the top links in the side menu (Quests, Items, Monsters, Dungeons, etc...). Also the Main Page should be designed to allow players to see immediately what kind of content they have bellow the main topic. This can be done having a 2 level matrix that allow direct links to the deeper content. If you want we can talk in game about this. Cheers.

SUGGESTION (by Guimas 26Feb2013 19:54GMT)
We should create a MENU in main page for "dungeons". We have a lot of content to link. I updated the maps of:
Toad Keep
Water Temple
Steam Caverns
Shrine of Desolation
Dominion Center
Decaying Mound
Crystal Caves
Crone Labs
Burun Clutch
Banderling Delve

and have more. Some will have quests to link them (eventually) but some don't. So a Dungeon topic would make it easy to reach and to list.

(by Admin 26Feb2013)

I added a dungeons link to the mainpage, however there is currently no dungeons page. Is that what you meant? The link is there, do you want to start adding all the dungeons to it?

(reply by Soltarius)
I was going to put them in the Locations page under the region they belong in, and then again at the page for that region. (See Heart of Darkness link)
Do you think that would work?

We also could have the wiki automatically generate a dungeon list for us if we create a category like "Locations (Dungeon)" and put all the dungeons in it. Same with towns. That would give everyone a link at the bottom to see the rest of the category.

(reply by Admin)
Using a category would probably be ideal, can we create a category 'Dungeons' and a category 'Towns' and we can simply link to the Dungeons and Towns categories from the mainpage?

(reply by Soltarius)
Yeah, you have to do it like the "creatures" page link with the colon at the front of the link. Did you want to also keep them on the locations page, to serve as a sort of summary of the areas?

(reply by Admin)
I think so yea, I see no problems having them categorized and linked in multiple places. I just took at the locations page, it looks a little rough at the moment, we should come up with a better layout for it. Especially to make the main continent pages easier to get to, Osteth, Omishan, Linvak all have great pages with ringway maps.

(reply by Admin)
Just trying to think how the layout should be for everything. We'll need a 'Dungeons' category, a 'Towns' category, then the locations page can contain all of them. We should also have a page for each 'Town' listing the npcs, quests, etc.

(reply by Soltarius)
Putting a full page with npcs, quests, etc is what I intended to do with the town pages when I had time, sort of like the Knorr Gardens/Greenstone/Realaidain Estate pages. Got any suggestions for the Locations page layout? I'm trying to imagine what it will look like with a full list of towns, dungeons, etc. It could be really useful, or possibly too long....

(reply by Soltarius)
I was just talking to Guimas in game too. What do you think about this... take the dungeons out of the locations page, and let the locations page focus on regions instead. Then, make a category "Location (Dungeon)" for all the dungeons, and link that category page from the main page?

(reply by Admin)


(reply by Soltarius)
Okay fixing it now. The dungeons page will just look like a list, but maybe we can do a table when they're all up there with level reqs, quests, notes, recallable/summonable, etc.

I've been using the "door" looking icon for towns, we need one for dungeons too. Any ideas? EOS token?

( reply by Guimas)
Loved the dungeon list and the icons (life stone included). I really don't like the door for towns. Nexus would be better.

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