Sword of the Doomed Hero

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Quest Overview

Vargil Darkener needs you to avenge his brother's death at the hands of the Empowered Warath
Start Location: Arramora, 15.1N 45.8W
Requirements: Level 50+
Quest Starter: Vargil Darkener
Time Limit: 2 days
Repeat Time: 2 days
XP Reward: 10,000,000 XP
Other Rewards: Hero's Sword
Related Quests: Protect the Swordbearer


Important - If the swordbearer dies, portals or logs out mid-quest, it will fail for everybody.

This quest takes place on Arramora South East Dunes and should be done in a group due to the group of enemies that spawns once the sword is picked up. Only one Hero's Sword and 10 million XP bonus is given per fellowship to the person designated as the "swordbearer." The others will get the Protect the Swordbearer quest.

  • From Star Beacon, go northeast to the quest starter, Vargil Darkener, at 15.1N 45.8W. The swordbearer now starts the quest.
  • Enter the Sword of the Doomed Hero Dungeon. Using the map on the left, proceed to the sword room. The swordbearer should not pick up the doomed sword. It's not empowered yet, but it's lethal to the Warath Boss.
  • Go to the opposite side of dungeon and enter the Empowered Warath room. "Protectors" shouldn't attack the Warath. If anyone but the swordbearer hits it, it will start attacking and can quickly kill a group. However, when the swordbearer hits the Warath, it will instantly die. (There seems to be a very small chance to miss)
  • After the Warath is killed, two things will happen: the carrier of the sword will be cursed with a strong slow debuff, and monsters will spawn in the room (one boss, Undead Lord Quaestor, and some skeletons.) Kill or mezz them and proceed to exit the dungeon.
  • The group should focus on protecting the swordbearer from any spawned monsters until the exit. Near the end, a group of Fetid Perchers, Olthoi Noble Grubs and one Weeping Bloodstone will spawn. Kill them and you're in the clear.
  • Deliver the sword to Vargil for the reward.



Related Items

Herosswordicon.jpg Hero's Sword

Lore & Dialog

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