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Path to Aun Tanua Fortress


Quest Overview

Aun Tanua, the renegade leader and a former Order Kingdom leader, waits in his Fortress to remember his old teachings and principles. His chief lieutenant Kogun guards the entrance to his room and will destroy all those that dare cross his way."

Start Location: Dominion Center in Ikeras
Intended Level: 60
Quest Starter: Emperor Thoromer.
Time Limit: 6 days
Repeat Time: non repeatable
XP Reward: 9% (630 Milion @ Lv 66
Other Rewards:
Related Quests: Defeat Kogun (repeatable quest done in the same dungeon)


These 2 quests are related and almost 90% of the quest is common. Stop Aun Tanua is a one time quest related to AC2 Lore and Kill Kogun is a repeatable quest. Before starting the quest you need to collect some items.
Some ALL need to have, and some only 1 person in fellow need to have. Hall need to gather a fanatic disguise (to pass the guards) and the other items are just to deliver to Aun Tanua. The table bellow have the detailed information.
To farm these items a good spot is the Dungeon door at Mayoi (8.3S, 43.2E), the battlefield zone near the fugitive gypsy from Rescue the Folk quest, Arramora east dunes or any other zone with a lot of fanatics.
Fanatics usually are in small groups and hit very hard. Juggernauts and Mages are on dungeon door. Other zones you may find Zealots, Rangers, Clawbearers, Raiders and Bounty Hunters.

Icon Item Name Description Dropped Quest Who needs
Iconfanaticarmorscrap.jpg Fanatic Armor Scrap Fanatic Disguise part 1 Fanatic corpse loot Both Everyone in fellow
Iconfanaticarmorfragment.jpg Fanatic Armor Fragment Fanatic Disguise part 2 Fanatic corpse loot Both Everyone in fellow
Iconfanatictatteredarmorplate.jpg Fanatic Tattered Armor Plate Fanatic Disguise part 3 Fanatic corpse loot Both Everyone in fellow
Iconfanaticshreddedarmorplate.jpg Fanatic Shredded Armor Plate Fanatic Disguise part 4 Fanatic corpse loot Both Everyone in fellow
Iconfanaticdisguise.jpg Fanatic Diguise Complete Disguise Done with the 4 parts Both Everyone in fellow
Iconbloodydool.jpg Bloody Dool #1 Item to Deliver to Aun Tanua Fanatic corpse loot Stop Aun Tanua Only 1 in fellow
Iconguarddiary.jpg Guard Diary #2 Item to Deliver to Aun Tanua Fanatic corpse loot Stop Aun Tanua Only 1 in fellow
Iconstaineddiary.jpg Stained Diary #3 Item to Deliver to Aun Tanua Fanatic corpse loot Stop Aun Tanua Only 1 in fellow
Icontornletter.jpg Torn Letter #4 Item to Deliver to Aun Tanua Fanatic corpse loot Stop Aun Tanua Only 1 in fellow
Iconvolkamafetish.jpg Volkama Fetish Fanatic corpse loot #5 Item to Deliver to Aun Tanua Stop Aun Tanua Only 1 in fellow
Iconbrokenshield.jpg Broken Shield #6 Item to Deliver to Aun Tanua Fanatic corpse loot Stop Aun Tanua Only 1 in fellow
Iconbrokensword.jpg Broken Sword Fanatic corpse loot #7 Item to Deliver to Aun Tanua Stop Aun Tanua Only 1 in fellow
Iconorderdoctrine.jpg Order Doctrine #8 Item to Deliver to Aun Tanua Order Shrine from Three Doctrines Quest Stop Aun Tanua Everyone in fellow


Part 1: Defeat Kogun and Aun Tanua

Once all fellow have disguises and you have all the parts speak with Emperor Thoromer (Dominion Center in Ikeras). If you are not dominion and didn't got the quest try to speak to Nalica(order) or Naokim(shadow). The starter will give you both quests (Defeat Kogun and Stop Aun Tanua and a Glyph.jpg glyph used to enter the fortress portal.

Now travel to the Fortress (see path above) at South of Mayoi (8.3S, 43.2E). Before entering use the disguise and you will have a "buff" that lasts 3hours and allows you to pass fanatics without being attacked.

Enter the portal and it will transport to the top of mountain. Arround the "landing" place you will have 8 fanatics waiting to jump and kill any player without a disguise. Goto the middle of the 2 higher level fanatics and there is a bridge starting zone without a path. There is an invisible long bridge that connect both mountains. You need to cross it (its quite large, so just head straight and you will be ok). Its one of the good AC2 notorious quest moments.
On the other side of the mountain there is the fortress with an orb at door. "Give" the glyph to the orb and it will teleport you inside.

Path to lever inside Fortress

Now you can use the map to work your way to the top room.

With disguises on you wont be fighting any fanatic until Kogun room. A few things to remember:

  1. Never use a "do not enter" portal or "garbage disposal portal". You will die!
  2. In the tower with portals behind door start with south portal and then always take the one on the left (going S-E-N-W-S-E like map shows).
  3. In the top dungeon, rooms in RED will randomly teleport you to other parts of dungeon, so dont use them.
  4. Everyone in group needs to go to the portal room door and one fellow member must go get the lever to open it. He needs to go fast to the room to also enter but its easy knowing the way and having boots on.
  5. In portals room use the teal one.
  6. In Kogun room proceed to the boss zone. The fanatics won't attack you but Kogun will. Once he engages combat all fanatics in room will join him.

Kogun is a level 75 Juggernaut, with 90k health and vigor. Slay him to complete the Defeat Kogun quest. Them you may go to the next room and complete Aun Tanua or proceed to the exit portal.

Part 2: Aun Tanua only

This quest is just a talk and deliver quest. In the next room Aun Tanua is waiting. The carrier of the items needs to talk and deliver all in correct order. Once all the items have been handed in, all other members of the Fellowship should now turn in an Order Doctrine to Aun Tanua.

  1. Bloody Doll
  2. Guard Diary
  3. Stained Diary
  4. Torn Letter
  5. Volkama Fetish
  6. Broken shield
  7. Broken Sword
  8. Order Doctrine

Once the last item has been given a nice vignette will begin and it will end the quest and give your XP reward.



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