Stoneshadow Vault

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Stoneshadow Vault
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Vault Information

Glyph.jpg Stoneshadow Glyph


LOCATION: Stoneshadow Plains 26.3S, 21.6W



Use the map here to get your way to the room with the Gurog Baliff. Kill him and take the Chisled Key. Then goto the hallway with holes in the floor. Jump through one of the holes to get to the level below. You will then see the Vestibule portal and use it to go to the Vault Boss (Great Gurog - level 46). Kill it to claim your XP reward. AC2 Vault

REWARDS: 2,600,000 XP / 1,900 QP / Academy's Secret Lore Cinematic

"The Mage Academy, they called it. A school for Dereth's most promising wizards, seething with arcane mysteries. No one knew how it came to possess the wealth of lore within its depths ... but they came anyway. They trained under the greatest teachers of the age. But these halls of learning were also a trap. Through deception and illusion, the undead lord Rytheran used the Academy to seduce the powerful. Subtly, he ensnared the wizards. Day by day, century by century, he taught the sorcerers of Yalain their true lesson ... ... to serve the will of the firstborn.."
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