Stolen Siraluun Cargo

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Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 42
Type: Group
Start Location: Drudgerton, Thusik Delta
Quest Starter: Elder Jrim
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 8,000,000
Other Rewards: 5 Drudge Rockets
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests:


1. Travel to Drudgerton on the Thusik Delta ringway via Linvak Tukal and speak with Elder Jrim at 12.5S, 21.0W to receive the quest.
2. Your task is to find a Blue, Green and Iridescent Feather.
3. To do this you must first find at least 3 Gurog Treasure Maps, uncommon drops looted from the corpses of Gurog. Known Gurog to drop these include those found in the Crystal Caves at 7.4S, 30.7W and at Thusik Outposts.
4. When you have found a Gurog Treasure Map, examine it to find the starting coordinates to search for a Drudge Cargo Chest.
5. Head to the coordinates and use the Gurog Treasure Map to receive information on your proximity. This is akin to mining. Move in a direction and reuse the Gurog Treasure Map for an update. You will notice on your world map that there is a coloured marker to indicate your proximity: red, orange, yellow and green depending on how close you are. Keep moving and reusing until you spawn the Drudge Cargo Chest - be warned that the chest may be in a dangerous location surrounded by group type monsters and additionally that, upon spawning, the chest will be guarded by a level 46 Gurog Gladiator and a level 48 Gurog Shaman.
6. Open the chest to loot a feather. Repeat this process for as many maps as required to find a feather of each type. Then craft them into a Siraluun Headdress.

Note 1: Both the Gurog Treasure Map and feathers are attuned to the person once looted.
Note 2: The different colours of the Gurog Treasure Maps correspond to the different starting coordinates and not to the different coloured feathers.
Note 3: This quest can be done in conjunction with New Drudge Republic Gauntlet, Skull Totem and Releasing the Cloudburst since they take place in the Crystal Caves.

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