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Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 36+
Type: Group
Start Location: Rakani, Omishan
Quest Starter: Amano-Bal (28.1N, 55.1E)
Time Limit: 24 hours
XP Reward: 2,300,000
Other Rewards: Red Fire Cesta
Repeat Time: 3 days
Related Quests:


Speak with Amano-Bal at 28.1N, 55.1E, near the Deru Tree in Rakani to begin the quest and receive the Wand of Cleansing. Take it to Akkilea at 16.7N, 73.8E in Zu and then return it to Amano-Bal. After this you must travel to 11 different shrines located around Omishan and hand the wand to each of them in order. This requires a great deal of travelling and is best done with quick mounts and a strategically positioned lifestone, such as the one in Ikeras at 9.6N, 60.4E.

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Location of the 11 shrines on Omishan
Shrine Coords Location Map #
Shrine to Palenqual 18.6N, 53.5E West of Northeast Ariaki Outpost, via Ikeras 1
Shrine to Brother Volkama 37.8N, 62.2E Northwest of Northeast Naderu Outpost, via Rakani 2
Shrine to Brother Tanae 3.1N, 85.6E South of Northern Vesayan Outpost, via Hakata 3
Shrine to Mother Audetanga 32.4N, 66.1E Southeast of Northeast Naderu Outpost, via Rakani 4
Shrine to Great Sister Rain 4.8S, 93.6E Northeast of Ithaenc Cathedral (aka the Sanctuary), via Hakata 5
Shrine to Great Sister Wind 26.6N, 58.5E East of Rakani 6
Shrine to Black Mother Earth 13.5N, 61.0E North of Ikeras 7
Shrine to Black Mother Heaven 8.5N, 65.8E South of Southern Tou-Tou Outpost, via Zu 8
Shrine to Hazahtu, the Blind Eye 32.6N, 50.5E Southwest of Northwest Naderu Outpost, via Rakani 9
Shrine to Ezheret, Great Father Sea 7.2S, 72.4E Southeast of Shinoko 10
Shrine to Wharu 10.2N, 46.0E North of East Kydi Outpost, via Mayoi (see below) 11

Accessing the Shrine to Wharu

Reaching the final shrine can be a little awkward. First travel to the East Kydi Outpost via Mayoi and then climb the spiral staircase for the southwest tree at 7.0N, 43.7E, exiting the platform to the west. Follow the path north and climb over the mountain ridge at 8.3N, 43.1E, swimming northeast from here to the shrine at 10.2N, 46.0E.

Once you have finally handed the wand to each shrine, return it to Amano-Bal who will ask you to find a ritual object of Wharu. Head to the Northwest Tou-Tou Outpost and journey west to the Lair of the Burun Ugruk Shaman at 22.5N, 57.1E. Note that you must be completing the quest but not necessarily at this point in the journal to enter, so a high level may help without having to do the shrines part.

If you do not have a mining Carenzi then you will need to collect four keys when inside. When you reach a crossroads with a Browek Burun, take the west tunnel to find the red and yellow keys and the east tunnel to find the blue and green keys. The layout is short and simple and you will find the keys behind an Olthoi Grub Mound, between barrels of Food. Touching the Food will heal you for 124 points and destroying the Olthoi Grub Mound will prevent the level 31 solo Olthoi Harvester Grubs from respawning, which they will otherwise do very quickly.

Once you have all four keys, return to the center and head south, through the open room with a Mymidon Burun and three Olthoi Harvester Grubs. Use the appropriate key on each gate, determined by the glowing color around the gate. The order being: red, yellow, green and blue. You are now at the end of the dungeon. Here you will encounter the Burun-Ugruk Shaman, a level 38 solo Burun, as well as three Olthoi Harvester Grubs. Additionally, there are 16 barrels of Food. On the corpse of the Burun-Ugruk Shaman there will be the Wharu Fetish needed to complete the quest and a unique Red Fire Cesta as an extra reward.

Return the Wharu Fetish to Amano-Bal in order to complete the quest.

Lore & Dialog

Amano-Bal tells you, "Greetings, child. The ancient Tonk spirits have awakened! Can you not hear their whispers? I have been summoned to this world from holy Ezheret itself. The time has come to purge the land of the evil influence of the Burun. The ritual is complex and lengthy, and it must be repeated periodically, but the longest journey begins with a single stride. Take this wand. Seek out a Tonk of pure spirit to bless it, and return to me.

Akkilea tells you, "What? Amano-Bal? Manifest here on Dereth! Amazing! You are fortunate to see such a thing in this sad and debased age. Indeed, we are all fortunate the the children of Ezheret have at least seen fit to work their will in the world. What? You ask me to bless the Wand of Cleansing? I, a pure spirit? I hardly think such a thing is possible. No, you must be mistaken..."

Akkilea tells you, "But who am I to say whether I am pure or debased. I am certainly not wise enough to say. Here, I will give you my blessing. May it serve you well... may it serve us all well!"

Amano-Bal tells you, "Well done, child. Now the ritual can begin. You must seek out each of the 11 Tonk shrines in turn. Offer each the wand. When you have received 11 blessings, return the wand to me."

Shrine to Brother Volkama tells you, "Cleansing? Purging? Purifying? Good, good. Little one, this ritual is long overdue. Let us wash the taint from our lands."

Shrine to Brother Tanae tells you, "The forests and jungles of Omishan are blighted, tainted. This must be set aright. Receive now my blessing, seeker, and cleanse the land of its poisons."

Shrine to Mother Audetanga tells you, "Mend the flaw... Repair the breach... Seal the rift... Cleanse the taint..."

Shrine to Great Sister Rain tells you, "Yes, mortal, the land is tainted beyond my power alone to heal it. Take the blessed wand, and use it in my name. Oh... Kiss my sister for me, when you meet her, if you would be so kind..."

Shrine to Great Sister Wind tells you, "Mortal, you must complete your circuit. All our powers together are necessary to cleanse the land. Oh, yes... Tell my sister that one kiss is not enough..."

Shrine to Black Mother Earth tells you, "My body is poisoned, cancerous. The taint must be purged. You must complete the circuit and finish the ritual. It is my only hope for salvation."

Shrine to Blue Mother Heaven tells you, "sight alone avails nothing in the face of evil. Action must follow vision. Take this wand, complete the ritual, and purify the land."

Shrine to Hazahtu, the Blind Eye tells you, "For the light which I cannot see, I bless your quest, seeker. Go and heal the realm of life."

Shrine to Ezheret, Great Father Sea tells you, "Go, little one, take my power, combine it with the power of my children, destroy the evil, cleanse the land. GO NOW AND DO MY WILL!"

You offer the wand to the shrine. You sense vindictive amusement and a vicious spitefulness. No words are spoken from the shrine, but you hear instead a jeering contemptuous laughter which has an oddly insect-like quality to it. The wand rolls off the shrnie, rejected and unchanged.

Amano-Bal tells you, "Ah... Whaaru's spirit is refractory as ever, I see... But no, there is a deep evil at work here, deeper than I can fathom. Still, the ritual must proceed. You must find a ritual item of Wharu and bring it to me. I will hold the wand until your return.

Amano-Bal says, "Ah yes, this will do nicely. The ritual may proceed."

Amano-Bal says, "Andanea furan arutea! Ezheret! Kanu en-tilessea Auberean! Asheron-ka amartiya ven ordan artisa! Malinua revaran -- Ezheret!"

Amano-Bal says, "The ritual is complete. The Burun poison has been partially cleansed. Return again, child, when the time is right, that we may further reclaim Omishan from the ravages of the Burun hordes."

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