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Gather some items to unlock the secrets of Drudge Spellbinding!

Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 15+
Type: Solo
Start Location: Shoushi, Prosper Marches
Quest Starter: Clackety (10.1N, 21.9E)
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 1,200
Other Rewards: Recipes for Drudge Spellbinding
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: Weaponsmithing by Click, Armorcrafting by Dax, Helmsmithing by Chex


Speak to Clackety at 10.1N, 21.9E in Shoushi, via Molwirth or Cavendo to begin this quest.

Your task is to gather the following materials:

Material How to acquire
Drudge Manikin A product of crafting Drudge Practice Recipes, which you'll get upon receiving the quest. It may take a few tries to get the item you want.
200 Hide Trait from butchering. Drudges and Lashers drop both hide and sinew.
200 Sinew Trait from butchering. Drudges and Lashers drop both hide and sinew.
3 Carenzi Hearts Venture to Omishan and kill Carenzi to loot these trophies from their corpses.

Return the items to Clackety and he will send you to Kybee at 10.3N, 21.4E to gather two more items:

Material How to acquire
Athame Craft one from under the Crafts -> Tools -> Crafting Tools panel using silver from mining.
Corn Silk From Mrs. King at 10.7N, 5.7E in northern Prosper near the Lasher Caves by paying 75 Coins.

Give these two items to Kybee and she will give you the last component that Clackety needs, the Secret Compound. Give this compound to Clackety to complete the quest.

Related Items

Iconcarenziheart.jpg Carenzi Heart
Icondrudgemanikin.jpg Crude Drudge Manikin
Iconcornsilk.jpg Corn Silk
Iconkybeessecretcompound.jpg Kybee's Secret Compound

Lore & Dialog

Clackety tells you, "If you want to learn the mysteries of Drudge Spellbinding, I'm your Drudge. Now, my stocks of a few essential items has run low, so if you gather them for me, I'll reward you with all the recipes I know. So let's see... to begin with, I'll need a Drudge Manikin, 200 Sinew, 200 Hides, and 3 Carenzi Hearts. There's one more item that I'll need, but we'll talk about that when I get back. And oh - here's a Practice Drudge Recipe to get you started.

Clackety tells you, "Excellent! All of these items are absolutely essential to my craft. Now, there's one more item that I'll need. Kybee's been working on a Special Compound for her mystic exams. A single flask of it is all I'll need, if you can get here to part with it.

Kybee tells you, "So Clackety sent you for one of my Secret Compounds, did he? Well, I'm still perfecting it for my mystic exams, but I suppose I can part with one to help a friend. I've got almost everything I need, but I'll need two more items. I broke my athame the other day, so if you could whip one up for me real quick I'd appreciate it. I'll also need some corn silk from King Corn's farm. It's on the northern road to the West Shoushi Outpost. Just look for Mrs. King!"

Mrs. King tells you, "So Kybee wants some more cornsilk for her mystic compounds, eh? Well, I run a pick-your-own business here. For 75 coin, I'll let you help yourself."

Kybee tells you, "Alright then. It'll take me no time to whip up a batch of my Secret Compound for you in a jiffy."
Kybee swirls the corn silk and a few other herbs into a flask of clear, odorless liquid and performs a few arcane gestures above it. You think you see her taking a surruptious swig of the compound during her ministrations, but perhaps it was a trick of the light.
Kybee tells you, "Tueet! Perfect. Take this back to Clackety, and give him my regards."

Clackety tells you, "Brilliant! Now that you've brought me all I've asked for, I'll teach you the essential recipes for Drudge Spellbinding. Good luck, fellow spellbinder!"

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