Slithis Hunt

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Quest Overview

Collect 12 Slithis Seeds from chaos-tainted areas of Dereth.

Start Location: Ariaki River Basin, Ikeras, Shadow Stronghold Antechamber
Requirements: Level 50+ (and Hero)
Intended Level: 55+
Quest Starter: Shi Kenarea - Master of the Hunt
Time Limit: 24 hours
Repeat Time: 48 hours
XP Reward: 2% of Level - caps at ~95 million
Other Rewards: Random either Shadow Wing Ort or Shadow Blade Ort
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This is a soloable quest if you can kill level 55 solo spawn. The seeds can also be bought in curiosity shops if you want to skip combat entirely.

  • Go to Shi Kenarea - Master of the Hunt, located within the Shadow Stronghold Antechamber (10.8N 62.3E, Ikeras), to receive this quest.
  • You must now hunt Slithis monsters found near Chaotic Portals, which drop Slithis Seeds; and collect 13 total. They are dropped by both Tendrils and Spawn within the mini "Chaos Ringway" that spans all three continents. Most of these portals are inaccessible, except via the other portals. The most familiar starting point to access this "Chaos Ringway" would probably be on Omishan, on the crater island north of Ankoro, near the Dark Agent (36.0N, 70.6E). The other portals are here:
    • 50.9N 14.3W (N. Osteth)
    • 51.2N 14.8W (N. Osteth)
    • 50.2N 15.5W (N. Osteth)
    • 51.1N 15.0W (N. Osteth)
    • 17.6N 79.4E (Farali)
    • 20.2N 76.7E (Farali)
    • 20.0N 78.8E (Farali)
    • 18.8N 77.9E (Farali)
    • 19.6N 78.2E (Farali)
    • 4.4S 54.9W (Gevoth)
    • 5.8S 54.3W (Gevoth)
  • Return to Shi Kenarea with the 13 seeds. You'll need to split them into individual stacks of 1 and turn them in individually. If you turn in a stack, it will only count as one and be wasted. Always talk several times and make sure the quest has reached the proper update before you turn in the seeds. Shi Kenarea will not return the seeds if given prematurely!
  • Give one seed to Shi Kenarea, he will then ask for 12 more.
  • Hand in the other twelve, one at a time. The quest will complete upon handing in the last seed.

Note: If you should accidentally ingest a seed, the Chaos Corruption buff can be removed by eating two more seeds in quick succession, or by the completion of the Path into Darkness/Path into Light quest series.

Repeating the Quest

To repeat the quest after its reset timer has expired, go to Shi Kenarea - Master of the Hunt and speak with him four times. At this point, hand in the 12 seeds, one by one. You only need 13 the first time you complete the quest.

Related Items

Iconslithisseed.jpg Slithis Seed
Iconort.jpg Shadow Blade Ort
Iconort.jpg Shadow Wing Ort

Lore & Dialog


AC2 Vault for list of portals and some additional info

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