Slay the White Rabbit

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Quest Overview

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Slay the White Rabiit, Destroyer of Worlds!

Requirements: Level 30+
Type: Solo
Start Location: The Lair of the Beast
Quest Starter: N/A
Time Limit: N/A
XP Reward: 0
Other Rewards: Staff or Drum of Bunny Booty
Repeat Time: N/A
Related Quests: There's Something About Lahry


This is not a journal quest.

To do this you will first require The Requiescat which is an uncommon loot item. When you have this, travel east of Cragstone to The Lair of the Beast at 29.6N, 7.7W.

If you haven't already and are of a lower level, it's advised to do There's Something About Lahry in order to receive the Mighty Rabbit Helm which allows you to pass through the dungeon undetected by almost all of the ordinary rabbits. Inside, the dungeon is quite straight forward and you may consult the map below.

Once you reach the room of the White Rabbit, double-click The Requiescat and use it on a ranged weapon. This will imbue it with a White Rabbit Slayer effect that will deal 1,000,000 damage on contact and kill the White Rabbit instantly. Be warned that the White Rabbit can hit for upwards of 3,000 damage and will also kill you in one hit. Additionally, the Mighty Rabbit Helm will not keep you disguised.

Edge into the room until you can select the White Rabbit and are in range to attack. You will have a very low chance to hit so be prepared for an evade and be ready to flee. If this occurs, retreat fastly into the tunnels and the White Rabbit will eventually lose interest. Repeat the process until you land a hit. If you die, hurry back to try again.

Killing the White Rabbit will drop the White Rabbit Carcass into your inventory. Return this to Lahry at 29.6N, 7.8W, outside the dungeon, to receive your Staff or Drum of Bunny Booty.



Lore & Dialog

Lahry tells you, "Is this... is this what I think it is?"
Lahry tells you, "You've... you've killed the beast!"
Lahry tells you, "I can't... I can't believe it! I must tell everyone!"
Lahry tells you, "I know he won't stay dead forever... he never does, but for now, he sleeps in death."
Lahry tells you, "Wait a moment... I think I can fashion something from this carcass..."
Lahry tells you, "Here you are my friend, use it in good health!"

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