Slay the Shrethwarden

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Quest Overview

Slay the Burun Shrethwarden in its lair and enchant your weapon to deal more damage to Shreth.
Start Location: Naderu Greenwood, Rakani
Requirements: Level 30+
Quest Starter: Kiral
Time Limit: 24 hours
Repeat Time: 2 days
XP Reward: 40,000
Other Rewards: Shrethbane Coating weapon upgrade, 3,000 Quest Rating
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To begin this quest, speak to Kiral in Rakani. You will likely need at least a small group for this quest, since you'll be fighting your way through a dungeon with up to level 34 group monsters.

Travel to the Shreth Spawning Pit dungeon (marked on your map) at 31.3N 59.3E in Naderu Greenwood. This is a fairly linear and straightforward dungeon (see map below). Battle your way through the Hunter Shreth and Dark Hunter Shreth area until you reach the room with a Burun Doorkeeper. Kill it and loot the Shrethwarden Key.

The key opens the door right beside the Burun Doorkeeper. Prepare for battle and enter the door, which leads to the final chamber of the Burun Shrethwarden. It spawns with a couple of Shreth which are on fairly quick respawn timers, so it helps to have a mezzer or some way to deal with multiple group monsters at a time. Kill the Shrethwarden, loot the Head of the Burun Shrethwarden, and exit the dungeon.

Return the head to Kiral to complete the quest and earn your reward. In addition to experience, you'll get a quest recipe for Shrethbane Coating. It requires 100 Chitin and 100 Tallow, and will empower your weapon with a +25 Shreth slayer enchantment.

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Iconarchaickey.jpg Shrethwarden Key
Iconheadoftheburunshrethwarden.jpg Head of the Burun Shrethwarden



Lore & Dialog

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