Slay Vuldor

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Path to Vuldor
Linvak Massif

Quest Overview

You must kill Gurog Vuldor!

Requirements: Level 46+, Hero of Dereth
Type: Solo
Start Location: Thusik Delta, Linvak Tukal
Quest Starter: Iridar Vel'Kaid (10.2S 30.1W)
Time Limit: 2 hours
XP Reward: 5,000,000
Other Rewards:
Repeat Time: 24 hours
Related Quests:


The quest giver will ask you to slay Vuldor and tells you the area to look for the target monster. It has been found in the following locations. If Vuldor is killed, the respawn can be in another zone, so if you don't see him, return to the starter and ask again for the location:

Location 1 - Eastern Thusik Outpost at 7.9S, 19.7W
Iridar Vel'Kaid tells you,

Location 2 - Northeast Winterhollows Outpost at 0.9S, 30.4W
Iridar Vel'Kaid tells you,

Location 3 - Keidelur at 18.9S, 15.7W
Iridar Vel'Kaid tells you,

Location 4 - Southwest of Ondekodo at 22.7S, 34.7W
Iridar Vel'Kaid tells you, "Seek Vuldor out and slay him southwest of the city of Ondekodo, and hurry, for he may be changing his base of operations shortly."

After Vuldor is slain, return to the starter for your reward.

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