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Quest Overview

Gather enchanted geyser water and imbue your Ulkas Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds for Ancient Armor.
Start Location: Kydi Delta
Requirements: Level 20+
Quest Starter: Orlen Jarlns, 5.7S 49.2E
Time Limit: 48 hours
Repeat Time: Instant
XP Reward: 0
Other Rewards: Recipe for Imbued Emerald, Imbued Ruby or Imbued Sapphire
Related Quests: Armor of the Ancient Knights, Armor of the Ancient Lords, Armor of the Ancient Kings, Emerald Mines of Ulkas, Ruby Mines of Ulkas, Sapphire Mines of Ulkas


This is a soloable quest which just requires some travel, one Shadow Totem, and several Aconite. Aconite use varies, but having 4-5 will ensure that you can complete the quest.


To begin the quest, travel to Mayoi and then east to 5.7S 49.2E. It's marked on your map as a point of interest, Shoyanen's Tower.

Speak to Orlen and he will ask for one Shadow Totem. Hand him the Shadow Totem to receive a Glass Alembic.

Where you bring this alembic depends on which type of gem you plan to imbue, so choose one of the destinations below:

Drag the Glass Alembic onto the geyser of choice to fill it with water:

Once you do this, you'll get a quest recipe to create an aconite potion by combining the waters with an Aconite:

Each potion made has a chance (estimated 20-40%) of consuming your Aconite, but the Glass Alembic will just be emptied and usable multiple times. Every time you make an aconite potion, the recipe will disappear from your quest recipe list. To get it back, simply drag your Glass Alembic to the geyser again to refill it. Because of this, you need to make all of your potions at the geyser. You will need one for each emerald/sapphire/ruby you want to imbue, plus one to give to Orlen. The totals are:

Return to Orlen Jarlns east of Mayoi. Hand in one of the aconite potions to complete the quest. Upon completing the quest, you'll receive a recipe to either make Imbued Emeralds, Imbued Sapphires or Imbued Rubies. Each requires an Ulkas Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire and one of the aconite potions you made earlier.

Related Items

Iconaconite.jpg Aconite
Iconshadowtotem.jpg Shadow Totem
Iconglassalembic.jpg Glass Alembic
Iconwatersofatolu.jpg Waters of Atolu
Iconwatersofcoralen.jpg Waters of Coralen
Iconwatersofmistcurlvale.jpg Waters of Mist Curl Vale
Icondecoctionofaconite.jpg Decoction of Aconite
Iconinfusionofaconite.jpg Infusion of Aconite
Iconsuspensionofaconite.jpg Suspension of Aconite
Iconimbuedemerald.jpg Imbued Emerald
Iconimbuedruby.jpg Imbued Ruby
Iconimbuedsapphire.jpg Imbued Sapphire

Lore & Dialog

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