Shenua the Cunning

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Quest Overview

Find the tumerok Shenua, and help gather components for his potion of super strength.
Start Location: Naderu Greenwood, Rakani
Requirements: Level 28
Quest Starter: Komluk, 27.2N 55.4E
Time Limit: 7 days
Repeat Time: 6 days, 12 hours
XP Reward: 50,000
Other Rewards: Shenua's Left Claw, Shenua's Right Claw
Related Quests: The Sieve of Asshmak, Who's the Bravest Warrior?


This is a soloable quest that will eventually require items from The Sieve of Asshmak and Who's the Bravest Warrior. You can start this quest before you complete those two, though.

  1. To begin this quest, speak to Komluk in Rakani at 27.2N 55.4E.
  2. Shenua is found at 33.8N 51.1E, right near the Shrine of the Leaf in Northwest Naderu Greenwood. Speak to him to advance the quest and receive Shenua's Empty Bucket. If you haven't done so, you can also get The Sieve of Asshmak quest from Subchieftain Gruu nearby.
  3. To fill the bucket, go to the Atolu Gesyer at 22.5N 48.3E. This is a fairly short run/swim from Northwest Ariaki River Basin. Hand the bucket to the geyser to receive Shenua's Bucket of Geyser Water.
  4. Return to Shenua in Northwest Naderu. Hand over the bucket, and he will ask for a Bag of Fang Dust. This is the reward for completing Who's the Bravest Warrior?.
  5. Hand over the dust, and he will ask for Asshmak Spittle, the reward from The Sieve of Asshmak quest.
  6. Hand over the spittle to complete the quest and earn your reward; experience and a pair of zealot handblades, Shenua's Left Claw and Shenua's Right Claw.

Related Items

Iconshenuasemptybucket.jpg Shenua's Empty Bucket
Iconsheunasbucketofgeyserwater.jpg Shenua's Bucket of Geyser Water
Iconbagoffangdust.jpg Bag of Fang Dust
Iconasshmakspittle.jpg Asshmak Spittle
Thornwoodslashericon.jpg Shenua's Left Claw
Thornwoodslashericon.jpg Shenua's Right Claw

Lore & Dialog

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