Seek the Drudge Counselors

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Quest Overview

Seek the Drudge Counselors.

Requirements: Level 13+, completed The Illuminated Manuscript
Type: Solo
Start Location: South of Shoushi, Prosper Marches
Quest Starter: Dantry the First Warder, 7.4N 15.4E
Time Limit:
XP Reward: 5,000
Other Rewards:
Repeat Time: 20 hours
Related Quests: The Illuminated Manuscript, The Slavetaker's Head


This quest is part of the Drudge Insurgence Saga. You will obtain it from Dantry the First Warder after completing the The Illuminated Manuscript.

  1. Either recall to Shoushi and use the ringway portal at 11.2N, 20.9E until you arrive at the Eastern Prosper Outpost or follow the path southeast from Dantry and then southwest to cross the bridge leading towards the Outpost.
  2. Speak to a Counselor of New Drudge Republic at 0.6N, 18.6E to complete the quest.

Lore & Dialog

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