Seek Out Dantry the Warder

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Quest Overview

Find the leader of the Warders on Osteth.

Requirements: Level 10+, must have completed Drudge Potion Raid
Type: Solo
Start Location: Warder's Hideout, Drudge Citadel
Quest Starter: Warder Captain
Time Limit: 48 hours
XP Reward: 600
Other Rewards:
Repeat Time: 20 hours
Related Quests: Drudge Potion Raid, The Illuminated Manuscript


This is a segue quest which you should receive automatically after finishing Drudge Potion Raid.

  1. Dantry the First Warder is located in the Prosper Marches southwest of Shoushi, at 7.4N 15.4E.
  2. Speak to him to complete the quest and continue the quest chain.

Lore & Dialog

Warder Captain tells you, "It's valuable for competent adventurers like yourself to study history, so you should visit the Drudge Citadel Vault. You should also talk to our leader, Dantry. He's in the Prosper Marches at 7.4N x 15.4E. Oh, and if any of your fellows helped you, have them talk to me for their reward."

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