Sapphire Mines of Ulkas (Quest)

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Quest Overview

Clear the mine guardians to gather rare Ulkas Sapphires.
Start Location: Kydi Delta
Requirements: Level 30+
Quest Starter: Ihipona, 6.1N 46.5E
Time Limit: 48 hours
Repeat Time: None
XP Reward: 0
Other Rewards: 12 Sapphires
Related Quests: Armor of the Ancient Lords, Shoyanen's Solutions


To begin this quest, travel to the Sapphire Mines of Ulkas at 6.1N 46.5E near the Ringway to East Kydi portal drop. Hand one White Pyreal to Ihipona, you will be granted access to the nearby portal until you've mined all 12 sapphires. This quest should not be soloed if you're near level 30, as it's guarded by many undead including a level 37 group Menial Undead Monouga. However, read the protips below for soloers.

Once you take the portal, you'll see three mines and a swarm of undead. Look for the Vigilant Skeleton Guard. Killing it will give you a quest recipe for sapphire mining, and allow you to click any of the nearby mines to gather a Sapphire, 12 times. There are three mines to do this, but the respawns are fairly quick, so your group may need to kill the undead several times before everyone is done.

Once you've done this 12 times, your quest recipe will expire and you'll have to pay again if you want any more sapphires.

PROTIP: This quest can be soloed or made easier for the group. All you need to do is to pull the Vigilant Skeleton Guard ONLY. A human Ranger, archer, or anyone with a bow is recommended for their long range to pull it. If done correctly, no other mobs will follow the guard; he will come alone. Nevertheless, you still have to be able to kill the guard who is level 38. Fortunately, it should be easy with just a single HOT potion if you try to solo at level 30. Once it is killed, everyone in the group will get a craft recipe for mining the sapphires. Open the craft window for mining the sapphires and keep it open. Then move silently behind the mountain close to the mine without attracting attention from the other mobs. Then start mining by clicking on the mine, then the Craft button 12 times, until the craft window disappears. You should now have 12 sapphires. You can use a similar technique to solo the Ruby Mines in the Knights Armor quest.

PROTIP: You can also have a higher level alt solo the mines and then pass the sapphires to the alt who needs them. You don't get XP any way and not all classes can safely pull the guard away from the rest.

NOTE: It's also possible to gather sapphires from rare spawn undead on the east side of Lake Artefon. This is an option for soloers who wish to complete their Lord's Armor without mining them, but it could take awhile to find 12 rare spawns.

NOTE to above note: Since this guide doesn't name the rare spawn and neither can other guides mention this monster, it's not worth it to risk running around Lake Artefon. Just follow the above PROTIP to sneak into the mines and mine with relative safety and efficiency.

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