Sanguine Fang

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Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 17+
Type: Solo
Start Location: Mayoi, Kydi Delta
Quest Starter: Sanguine Fang Unguent
Time Limit: 90 minutes
XP Reward: 10,000
Other Rewards: Mark of the Fang
Repeat Time: 20 hours
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To begin this quest you must first loot a Sanguine Fang Unguent off the corpse of a Kachem Mimbu, which can be found in the region surrounding Mayoi. Once found, use the item to receive the quest. Upon doing so you will also receive the Sanguine Fangs spell effect, which gives a 30 minute boost to your fighting skills.

Your task is to kill 10 Aste and 5 Essa Sclavi, level 21 and 22 solo creatures respectively. They can be found inside the Inner Darkness dungeon at 7.3S, 40.7E, west of Mayoi. You may camp the respawns of the isolated Sclavi found in the tunnels if you can only take one at a time; alternatively there are small clusters of them to be found in the rooms which branch off from the tunnels.

After killing the final Sclavus your quest will complete. In addition to experience you will receive the Mark of the Fang effect, which deters Sclavi from attacking you for 3 hours.

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