Salvation of Artefon

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Quest Overview

Save the souls of the Ancient Kings under Lake Artefon before the undead claimed it.

Start Location: Catacombs of Artefon in Lake Artefon
Requirements: Level 45+
Quest Starter: Hoshino Kei inside the Catacombs of Artefon
Time Limit: 2 hours
Repeat Time: 6 days
XP Reward: 1,000,000
Other Rewards: Random ring/necklace from the "Reward Jewels" section below
Related Quests: Catacombs of Artefon


A group is recommended for this quest, since you'll be timed and fighting groups of vigor-draining undead with up to 20,000 health as well as group Bloodstones. This is a hard quest for levels 45 to 50, so bring a strong fellow if you're in that range. Perchers are all over rooms in higher spots to missile the groups, so kill them to protect the healers.

NOTE: This quest only needs one person in fellow to talk and get the items, and ALL will advance.

Part 1 - Lower Catacombs

To begin this quest, go to the Catacombs of Artefon (13.8N, 9.4E) and go down to the Lower Catacombs (check map below).
Inside, you must speak with Hoshino Kei near her tomb.

There is a small opening in the wall next to Hoshino (in the same room). Go inside and take the portal to the Deeper Catacombs.

Part 2 - Deeper Catacombs

In there, you need you find your way to Borelean Strathelar whose soul was taken by the undead. Kill him, and loot the Silver Key from him.
After the kill, take the path behind him and find the portal to the Nether Catacombs.

Part 3 - Nether Catacombs

Once inside this dungeon, locate and kill one of the Sanguine Bloodstones, and retrieve a Bloodstone Fragment. Only one person needs to loot.

Part 4 - Forgotten Catacombs

Now, you need to go back to the Outer Catacombs (where Elysa and Cragstone's Tombs are). There is a crack in the right wall (facing tombs) that leads to the Forgotten Catacombs (check map below).
This is a huge dungeon. After a few passages, a bridge and some doors, you will find a big locked door to the Sacred Font. Use your Silver Key to open it.
Once inside, go to the Sacred Font and clean the Bloodstone Fragment so it becomes a Lifestone Fragment.

Part 5 - End and Reward

Next, head back to Hoshino in the Lower Catacombs and return this Lifestone Fragment to her. This will end the quest for all. Finally, each person needs to speak to her and then touch her tomb for the jewelry reward.



Related Items

Iconarchaickey.jpg Silver Key
Iconbloodstonefragment.jpg Bloodstone Fragment
Iconlifestonefragment.jpg Lifestone Fragment

Reward Jewels

Item Name Slot Effect(s)
Circletofchalicmere.jpg Circlet of Chalicmere (Neck) Succor: +5 to Life Cycle, Intermittent Aid, Recurrent Ministrations, Benevolent Leader, Recoup, Bounce Back, Energy Deluge
Lightofalbrael.jpg Light of Alb'rael (Ring) Alb'rael's Light: Bathes the target in a pool of moonlight.
Raetasnecklace.jpg Raeta's Necklace (Neck) Laying on of Hands: +5 to Bring Peace, Lay Hands, Restore Will, Saving Graces, Healing Balm, Life Boon, Nurture, Forage, Honey Drop
Starofdereth.jpg Star of Dereth (Neck) Starburst: +5 to Healing Formula, Bolster Will, Saving Graces, Restorative Zone, Cure Wounds
Thekresovusruby.jpg The Kresovus Ruby (Neck) Spellbinding Craft Skill Boost: +4 to Spellbinding skill
Thenovedionbrilliants.jpg The Novedion Brilliants (Neck) Break of Dawn: +10 armor, +10 damage
Thetioforgreen.jpg The Tiofor Green (Ring) Armorcrafting Skill Boost: +4 to Armorsmithing skills
Thetopazofqalabar.jpg The Topaz of Qalaba'r (Neck) Refining Craft Skill Boost: +4 to Refining skill
Theulkasblue.jpg The Ulkas Blue (Ring) Weaponcrafting Skill Boost: +4 to Weaponsmithing skills
Trailofoneros.jpg Trail of Oneros (Neck) Breath of Life: +5 to Robustify, Resuscitate, Mending, Quicken Pulse, Rapid Healing, Center Self, Renewal, Focusing the Spirit, Bolster Metabolism

Lore & Dialog

"Hurry, you must save us before we are fully claimed by the undead! The three are already gone, but they left behind noxious Bloodstones. Even now the stones are emanating the dark power that has awakened my people. They must be destroyed. My poor husband has already turned to their sway and now guards the entrance to were the bloodstones are kept. purify a fragment of a Bloodstone and bring it back to me. Hurry, friend - there is not much time before I too fall sway to their power."

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