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SHRETH Secret Dungeon
Linvak Massif


Quest Overview

Something is up with the S.H.R.E.T.H. activity in the area, find out whats going on.

Requirements: Level 46+, Hero of Dereth
Type: Group
Start Location: Linvak Tukal, Thusik Delta, Linvak Massif
Quest Starter: Justiciar Maronak (10.3S, 31.6W)
Time Limit: 24 hours
XP Reward: 4% (3,296,185,479 @ L85)
Other Rewards: Ultra Chest
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: Successor to the now defunct S.H.R.E.T.H.
Cancel: Not cancellable


Path to Torn Scrap
Frozen Ravine

Talk to Justiciar to get the quest.

Frozen Ravine

Head to Frozen Ravine (in East Gevoth, 9.9S, 54.7W).
Inside Ravine use the map on the right to get to the Torn Scrap.

Its just straight up until first door, then second right to goto the SHRETH base zone, then first left on the first room, straight on second room and 2 left turns in crossways to get to the 3 Shreths area with lots of small no end halls. The Torn Scrap is on the last one North Side.

S.H.R.E.T.H. Secret Island

This will advance your quest and now all group must go to the SHRETH island located west of Gurokora.
To get to the island everyone needs to enter the mysterious portal in the beach at (29.7S 50.1W).
All fellow simply go to Gurokora and take the Northwest ringway. At ringway drop, all ride to the portal location.

The mysterious portal is recallable and summonable.

You are now at S.H.R.E.T.H. Secret Island in the middle of the sea.
This Island has a mountain in middle and a path that goes up just in from of the portal drop.

Take the path up and on top there is a gap in the mountain side where players can enter. Use it to get inside the valley just in the middle of the mountain and you will arrive to the Dungeon door.

S.H.R.E.T.H. Base Ultra

Outside the dungeon there are a lot of runes with letters. The password to enter the Dungeon is S H R E T H. When the first player of the fellow enters the dungeon all should advance and will be able to enter without the typing. IF any player didn't advance just type also the password to get inside.

Inside the Dungeon you will just go straight until the first door (with "warning" typed on it). The SHRETH Flunky will not attack (unless you attacked first).

If you kill any Flunky you will have an "Alarm" debuff effect that lasts for 4 hours and makes every creature inside to see you has hostile and more SHRETH creatures will randomly spawn on the fellow. Also the guarding turrets will hit with fireballs for 800-900 damage making it very hard to survive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: to escape the alarm any player may relog to clear it. So if that happens, just leave and enter game again, joining the fellow, so you wont be hurting the group.

Inside the Dungeon you will also find Level 80 SHRETH Guards that will always attack you, but can be outruned and will loose agro with range.

The Handler

Behind the door and keeping straight, the path will lead you down and you will come to a small room with the SHRETH Warden and his SHRETH Mascots (these will not attack you, unless attacked or someone has the alarm). Pull and kill the Warden and loot a key to open the door to the next part of the dungeon.

The Three guards

The dungeon has a lot of SHRETH patrol guards that will mark players they see with the alarm, and a lot of guarding turrets. The turrets are fixed, look like tactician turrets and fire very fast.

Keep going straight until you enter the HUGE room (see image below). Before going in the first ramp stay a bit back until the patrols start moving. They will start the patrol upon players entering the room. There are 2 guards down and 1 at top of ramp. Just wait for the patrols to go away and run up ramp, taking the second right. Probably will need to kill the top guard since it seams bugged at moment and wont leave his post. So 1 player needs to pull it or kill it fast and then relog (or wait for a rezz).


The Two Mazes

After killing the guard and taking the second right, continue straight and proceed up ramp. This room is a 4 levels maze. You will need to get the right path on top of the ramp (avoiding the moving patrols). Keep going up until you see a door with 2 turrets.

Here go forward to the next big room. There is an door in the front with 2 turrets guarding it (it says locked but its not). All cross it and continue the dungeon until the tower.

The tower is another maze with a bunch of walls and hidden doors and you need to get up to the top, avoiding the patrols. Cross it and there is another door to the next part of the dungeon.

Commander's Office

You will land on a zone with 2 portals (one to exit and one to back room). Keep going forward until you see a room with more lv 80 SHRETH guards.

This is the Commander's office where is Number Two (lvl 90 - Group). Before the room there is a path that cross the one you arrive and guards will be patrolling it. The best way to avoid adds is to pull Number Two to the hall just behind the room and the group can kill him. He is a mage with huge explosion attacks so avoid bunching up on him.

When boss is dead, looting the key will advance the quest to all fellow.

Ultra Chest Vault

You can return to starter and end the quest now or try to use the key in the vault room behind the SHRETH patrols. This is hard because you will agro all guards and get the alarm. Still if the group wants the loot and the risk, try to get there by the left path. It will be better to kill all guards in the way since they will attack anyway. At the door players will be ported to the chest room. Loot the chests to the bonus reward.

Note: some players may not be able to enter. Don't know if this is a bug or just something on the quest we didn't figured.

From here return to Justiciar Maronak in Linvak Tukal, deliver him the scrap (all fellow need to be in range), end the quest and get the XP reward.


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