Rytheran's Bane

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Quest Overview

Use your Weapon of the Sun's Blaze and finally make Rytheran's successor meet their doom!

Requirements: Level 41+, Seal of the Academy
Type: Group
Start Location: Mount Malthabbor
Quest Starter: Ancestor, 40.8S, 49.7W
Time Limit: 20 hours
XP Reward: 25,000,000
Other Rewards: Darkfoe Breastplate
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: Icefire

Special Requirements

If you are the Fellowship Leader

  • It's strongly recommended that at least one person in the fellowship has a Weapon of the Sun's Blaze from Icefire.
  • Once you start the quest, all fellows will get it. Players arriving late can still talk to the starter to get the quest.
  • However, don't use the Seal of the Academy until all players are in range. Players arriving after the seal is broken won't advance with the fellow.

If you are in the fellowship but not the leader

  • You must be in the fellow when the seal is broken, or else you will need your own seal to advance.
  • If you have a Weapon of the Sun's Blaze from Icefire, use it on the final boss to prevent it from using the powerful attack, Spectral Doom.


This is a group quest due to the number of monsters and strength of the boss.

  • To avoid idle time for the group, one person should get a Seal of the Academy ahead of time. They occasionally drop from Revenant Lictors, which spawn around the area and north of the ringway drop.
  • This quest actually begins by talking to the Ancestor.
  • Make sure the entire group is together, and break the seal (use it). Everyone in the group should get a quest advance.
  • Next, the quest will require you to go inside the Mage Academy at 40.3S 49.6W and kill 6 Revenant Rhetors. (see map) You will fight some solo Gurog and Revenants on the way down the stairs and into the first room. Kill them, go down the stairs, cross the room and go upstairs. At the top, you will come to a path that branches left and right. Go right and follow it down and to your left (there will be a few left turns as you go down). You will come to an open room with 2 Revenant Praetors. Kill them and move forward to the Revenant Rhetor zone.
  • Be careful here because it's easy to pull entire groups at once. Facing north, go forward and past the first crossing. You'll eventually see the portal to Rytheran's Sanctum, but you can't enter until you kill the Rhetors. Keep going north and into the door on your left. Open the door carefully and kill the 3 Rhetors inside. There is also a Gurog Warlock group monster guarding the Singularity Trove here. Kill or mezz it and finish the Rhetors part of the quest.
  • With all the Rhetors killed, go back east to the Sanctum portal you passed earlier. Enter the portal.
  • When you enter Rytheran's Sanctum, move north, cross the room with the tables and don't turn. Kill the Revenants here and go up the stairs. The next room will have 3 Revenant Magisters. Kill them, then take the south path to Rytheran's room.
  • Inside, you will see 2 Revenants guarding the boss, Garaena. Everyone that has a Weapon of the Sun's Blaze should use it to apply the effect: Cripple Rytheran. This prevents the powerful attack Spectral Doom that can easily kill any player in their 40s in a single stroke. Kill the boss, and the quest will be completed. Everyone will receive their XP reward.
  • Finally, go outside and talk to the Ancestor again to get the Darkfoe Breastplate.

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