Rout the Serene Moarsmen

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Quest Overview

Eliminate 10 Serene Moarsman for an experience reward.
Start Location: Hakata, 8.5N, 75.3E
Requirements: Level 33+
Quest Starter: Emil Stiles
Time Limit: No Time Limit
Repeat Time: 19 hours, 59 minutes
XP Reward: 450,000
Other Rewards:
Related Quests:


Speak to Emil Stiles in Hakata to begin the quest. You must kill 10 Serene Moarsman.

The best place to find Serene Moarsmen is southeast of Hakata. By the lifestone on the eastern beach, three Serene Moarsmen atop of separate hills respawn relatively quickly.

Each kill will advance your quest. After the last kill, return to Emil Stiles for your reward.

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