Retracing the Path

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Quest Overview

Help Lataua seek the path of light

Start Location: Tou-Tou Peninsula, Zu
Requirements: Level 46+, must have completed The Path into Darkness, The Path into Light
Quest Starter: Lataua
Time Limit: 10 hours
Repeat Time: 4 days, 23 hours
XP Reward: 3% XP
Other Rewards:
Related Quests: The Path into Darkness, The Path into Light


NOTE: this quest is the repeatable version of The Path into Light. It's almost the same quest (without the necklace-related parts) and for a bit less XP (3% instead of 5%).

Start the quest at Lataua in Zu. Lataua will recognize you and send you to talk to the Hand of Asheron.

Part I - Defending the Order Scriptorium

  • Go to the Hand of Asheron in Ikeras and talk to him to access the Order Kingdom's Scriptorium.
  • Inside, you will encounter Renegade Swordsmen (level 50 solo melee humans) that are fighting Scriptorium Guards and Scribes. The renegades will attack you, and they have very powerful stun attack with combat speed reduction. If you use AOE attacks, the guards may turn on you, so be careful!
  • This is the same dungeon crossed in part 1 of Path into Darkness. Just keep going straight until you arrive at the stairs room. On top, you will find the Renegade Leader (level 55) with 2 adds. Defeat the leader to advance the quest. Every member of a fellow needs to kill it to advance their quests.
  • Return to Lataua to advance the quest again.

Part II - Protecting the Virindi Museum

  • Go to Ikeras and talk to the Virindi Adumbrator near the nexus. You will be teleported to Virindi Citadel. Talk to the first Virindi Monitor to enter the Virindi Museum.
  • Work your way to the top and fight Renegade Mages (level 50 solo) on the way. Kill the Renegade Archmage (level 55) at the top platform. Everyone in the fellow needs to kill the Archmage to advance the quest, and it takes about two minutes to respawn.
  • Return to Lataua and talk to her to advance the quest.

Part III - Guarding the Shadow Vault

  • You must now enter the Shadow Vault and protect the Codex. Speak to Naokim in the Shadow Antechamber in Ikeras. He will port you to the Shadow Vault.
  • In the vault, you will fight several Renegade Archers (level 50 solo missile). Work your way down to the levers area of the dungeon. The Renegade Captain (level 55) is located in the center doorway area just before where you found the codex in Path into Darkness. To get there, use the levers in the same way as the previous quest (see map below).
  • Keep using levers until the left door opens, and then proceed using the levers in the end of each row so you can progress to the codex room.
  • Everyone in the fellow needs to defeat the boss just like before.
  • Finally, return to Lataua to complete the quest, and remove the Chaos Corruption!



Lore & Dialog

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