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Enter The Shelter upon first login to your new character and complete the starting quest which serves as a tutorial for new players. Each race has a visually different dungeon but the process is the same. Drudges are the only exception - they bypass the tutorial and begin the game at level 1, since you must have already completed the tutorial on another character to unlock the Drudge for character selection.



Requirements: Level 1
Type: Solo
Start Location: The Shelter
Quest Starter: Shelter Guard
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 105
Other Rewards: 3 Potions: Reflect Damage, Health Over Time, Movement Speed
Repeat Time: No
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  1. You get the Quest by talking to the Shelter Guard at entrance of the Training Halls.
  2. This is tutorial quest, so it is supposed to teach players to talk to NPCs.
  3. Follow the path and along the way you can inspect the Training Stones to learn the basics of the game. Do all that you are told until you arrive at Shelter Lieutenant.
  4. Next path and Training Stones will lead you to the Shelter Sentry.
  5. He requires you to loot a Imbued Digging Tool from one of the Drudge Diggers and give it to the Shelter Scout.
  6. Do the task and you will get 40 XP, the progress to level 2 and three potions.
  7. The Shelter Scout will advance the quest and send you to find a Mehir Glyph.
  8. Continue the path and loot the Mehir Glyph from one of the Drudge Sentinels in the large room.
  9. Exit to the portal and use the Glyph to enter. That will transport you to the Menhir Shard.
  10. Inside the Vault talk to the Advanced Shelter Scout and proceed to the vault shard to end this quest.
Upon completion, you should be level 3
This would also be a good time to start butchering your kills using the Butchery skill.
A crude knife can be made in Craft> Tools> Starting Tools and doesn't require materials or craft skill.

Alternative option to skip tutorial:

  1. Find the stone near the beginning of caves, and click it.
  2. Click the skull next to it, to allow usage of the portal.
  3. Enter the portal to end tutorial and exit caves.
  4. This allows you to skip the tutorial. However, you still receive an appropriate XP reward.


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