Relics of the Golden Age

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Quest Overview

Mend the Medallion of Opening and gain access to the ancient weapons in the Golden Age Reliquary.

Requirements: Level 30+
Type: Group
Start Location: Stoneshadow Plains
Quest Starter: Loot a Broken Obsidian Medallion from a Gurog Marauder
Time Limit: 20 hours
XP Reward: 50% (Cap: 4,000,000 @ L38)
Other Rewards: Golden Age Weapon of choice
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: The Ancient Periapt


Linvak Massiv - Stoneshadow Plains

This quest begins when you loot a Iconbrokenobsidianmedallion.jpg Broken Obsidian Medallion from the corpse of a Gurog Marauder. They are found in the Stoneshadow Plains and seem to be most common in the Southwest and Central Outpost areas. It's recommended that you have a group if you're near the minimum level, as you must face many low 40s solo Gurog and eventually high 40s solo Flayers.

Once you've looted the Broken Obsidian Medallion, head to the Ruined Temple at 20.7S 23.9W. There are four Gurog here on a fast spawn, and a chest which you can open if you have the quest. You don't need to kill the Gurog here to loot the chest. This chest contains the Iconobsidianmedallionpiece.jpg Obsidian Medallion Piece, and picking it up will advance your quest.

You should now have a quest recipe to create the Iconmedallionofopening.jpg Medallion of Opening from these two parts. Do it to advance your quest. Using the medallion lets you enter the Inner Sanctum portal at the end of the next dungeon.

Next, head to the Golden Age Reliquary dungeon at 19.7S 25.2W. It's full of mostly Gurog Lackeys. To make your way through here, take all right turns. You should descend two spiral ramps and eventually come to a darker area with barrels. If you run into a Gurog Shaman or the Master Gurog Henchman down here, you've turned the wrong way, since they can be avoided. This barrel area is where you'll find the Inner Sanctum portal.

Use your Medallion of Opening to gain access to the Inner Sanctum, and step through the portal. This area contains quite a few Tempest Flayers, sometimes two or three at a time. These hit extremely hard if you're near the quest's minimum level, and even strong potions won't be enough healing for all their damage. Battle your way down to a large room with three portcullises. Once you make it here, there is no more fighting.

Each of the three gates leads to a room full of Golden Age Weapons, separated by race. These are just weapon styles, so a Lugian melee could use a Tumerok axe or Human sword since they're both basic melee weapons. Picking one up will instantly portal you out of the dungeon, so be sure to only grab the one you want. Choosing your Golden Age weapon completes the quest and grants the experience reward.

Related Items

Iconbrokenobsidianmedallion.jpg Broken Obsidian Medallion
Iconobsidianmedallionpiece.jpg Obsidian Medallion Piece
Iconmedallionofopening.jpg Medallion of Opening
Icongoldenagekingssword.jpg Golden Age King's Sword



Lore & Dialog

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