Releasing the Cloudburst

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Quest Overview

Requirements: Level 42, completed Warding off Evil
Type: Group
Start Location: Drudgerton, Thusik Delta
Quest Starter: Fraidy
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 10,000,000
Other Rewards: 1 Attuned Tessera
Repeat Time: 6 days
Related Quests: Warding off Evil, Kill Cloudburst


1. Travel to Drudgerton on the Thusik Delta ringway via Linvak Tukal and speak with Fraidy at 12.7S, 20.9W to receive the quest.
2. Your task is to kill Cloudburst in the Crystal Caves dungeon, a level 48 group monster with 21,600 health. This will require a group to accomplish.
3. Head to Linvak Tukal and then to the Crystal Caves at 7.4S, 30.7W.
4. Make your way through the dungeon and head right when you reach a T-section, entering a large open room.
5. Go down the first ramp and up the ramp east of it, then take the corridor leading south.
6. You will eventually come to a small open room in which you must jump down. Kill the three level 48 Tempest Flayers at the bottom.
7. Through the tunnel you will find Cloudburst guarded by five Tempest Flayers.
8. Kill Cloudburst and return to Fraidy to complete the quest. Speak again to receive your reward of 1 Attuned Tessera.

Note 1: This quest is best done in conjunction with New Drudge Republic Gauntlet and Skull Totem since they also take place within the Crystal Caves.
Note 2: There is also a Dungeon Boss Quest to kill Cloudburst which can be done concurrently. The Squalling Flayer quest starter can be found randomly northeast of Linvak Tukal, in the area between the Crystal Caves and Thusik Vault, as well as around the Southwest Stoneshadow Outpost.

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