Rashan's Revenge

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Quest Overview

The spirit of Rashan Twoblades tests your will to destroy the Drudge menace.

Requirements: Level 11+
Type: Group
Start Location: West of Cavendo, Drudge Citadel
Quest Starter: Spectre of Rashan Twoblades (15.3N 23.6E)
Time Limit: No time limit
XP Reward: 10,000
Other Rewards: Drudgebane Sword
Repeat Time: 3 days
Related Quests:


Speak with Spectre of Rashan Twoblades at 15.3N 23.6E, west of Cavendo, to receive the quest. You must slay the following drudges:

You'll have to do a bit of traveling to find them. Some good places to look are:

Return to Spectre of Rashan Twoblades and tell him of your success.

Lore & Dialog

Spectre of Rashan Twoblades tells you, "The Drudges, the horrible, horrible Drudges. Their claws upon my flesh... ripping, cutting. They killed so many... even I, who once slew the mighty Monouga of Khayyaban! But you can help! I sense in you what I once had, the puissance that was mine."

"To prove my worth as Drudgeslayer, I once killed seven different kinds of the little wretches. Do the same, and I will give you a blade like the ones I once wielded!"

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