Rashan's Last Word

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Quest Overview

Rashan Twoblades wants you to desecrate the Drudges' Shrine of Transcendence by placing the Drudgebane sword on the Drudge Hero Shrine.

Start Location: Drudge Citadel, West of Cavendo (15.3N, 23.7E)
Requirements: Level 50, Must be a Hero of Dereth
Intended Level: 55
Quest Starter: Spectre of Rashan Twoblades
Time Limit: 24 hours
Repeat Time: 6 days
XP Reward: 1% of level (35,301,736 @ 58)
Other Rewards: Rashan's Dramastic Sword
Related Quests: Rashan's Revenge


Note: This quest can be soloed, it's recommended to use a HoT potion and a run potion; details below.

Speak with Spectre of Rashan Twoblades (West of Cavendo 15.3N, 23.7E) to receive the quest.

Travel to the Drudge Hero Shrine dungeon (near Drudge Citadel 19.7N 22E). Outside the dungeon are quite a few hero Drudges, they do not attack unless you attack them so just go in the portal.

Once inside the dungeon, turn right then keep straight, and run straight through to the back of the dungeon and go through portal.

If soloing, use HoT potion and run potion once inside the dungeon, and run to the back of the dungeon, ignoring the mobs.
If you have too many drudges following you, take one of the branches to go up or down. (You can progress to the back of the dungeon where the portal is located. The dungeon has 3 levels, with the portal on the middle level)

Now you must simply place the Drudgebane Sword on the shrine.

Return to Spectre of Rashan Twoblades and tell him of your success.

Related Items

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Lore & Dialog

Spectre of Rashan Twoblades tells you, "Ah! Aaah! No! The Drudges! They say they are becoming heroes! I cannot stand it! This must not be! You must find their so-called Shrine of Transcendence. You must slay all who stand in your way! You must desecrate their shrine! The New Drudge Republic must learn their proper place in the world - beneath our swords' edges! Teach them all a lesson! Take this, my enchanted sword, place it on their bloody altar, and let them fear me once more! Hahahahaha!"

Spectre of Rashan Twoblades tells you, "Hehehe! You did it! Wonderful! Wonderful! I heard the distant screams of Drudges resonating through the realm of spirits! How sweet the sound! You have done a great deed, hero, and here is your reward."

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